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SENZ-WIFI (nVent Raychem)

App Store Page: https://homey.app/a/com.nvent.raychem/


The new generation of floor heating thermostats

nVent RAYCHEM SENZ WIFI is developed to suit the modern home owner, who prioritizes high comfort, low energy costs and a beautiful home.It can be used with all underfloor heating cables and heating mats.

Stepping on a heated floor makes all the difference, radiant floor heating takes the chill away from your floors and brings warmth and comfort into your home. It adds that little touch of luxury that helps you relax and enjoy the cozy atmosphere in any room you have it installed.


Add the device as you would add any device to Homey. A polling frequency of 1 minute is used to update the current temperature of the device in Homey. For all other changes, there is a SignalR connection opened in the background to receive realtime notifications from nVent, so these should be instantly updated.


Due to the limitations of the nVent API…

  • … you cannot set the thermostat mode to “Vacation”, nor “Off”.
  • … when setting the thermostat mode to “Antifreeze” in Homey, it will set the mode to “Manual” and the target temperature to 5°C, as this mode cannot be set via the API. The thermostat screen will remain on.

It does however update the mode correctly when receiving data from nVent.


I enjoy creating apps for Homey and try to support them as best as I can. If you enjoy using my apps a donation in return for the time I put into this is much appreciated.


A big shout out to @Sharkys for providing me access to his nVent account, and communicating with nVent which made my job a lot easier! Thank you! :sunglasses:


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Big thanks also to Hendrickx from nVent company, who was very helpful and responsive and huge thanks to Edwin for developing it in so quick time. :wink:


Just published, thank you once more @evdpol Edwin for great job !