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I keep the random isseus that some or all Shelly1 devices are not found anymore by homey. They have a static IP and the wifi coverage is excellent. This is withholding me for buying more devices. They are always reachable by the native Shelly app.

It is known the WiFi connection of homey isn’t the utmost reliable. So maybe it isn’t the connection of the Shellys, do they start responding after restart of the app?

No not on restarting the app. Restarting homey resolves it. Leaving them after a while they are back again. Like now two hours later

That might actually confirm what @Martijn_Hoogenbosch is suggesting. Homey polls the Shelly’s and shows a Shelly as offline when it can not reach it. My app will continu to poll the Shelly at a lower frequency to see if it’s comes online again. If a response is recieved the Shelly is registered as online again.

So restarting Homey or seeying them come online again indicates a network issue between Homey and the Shelly’s.

FWIW: I have the same issue with the Sonoff app (example), where the app loses connection to some devices after a while. The Sonoff app maintains a permanent connection with the devices, which apparently breaks regularly. I also suspect Homey’s networking.

Is this something more users would see? Or am I the only one. And is there anything I can do to resolve this?

Yes, as @robertklep mentioned, other users and apps are experiencing this as well. Although I know we are getting a “little bit” offtopic I’d like to share my personal experience; I personally don’t have any problems in regarding to connectivity issues and my Wifi connection works just fine for Homey. Don’t know what you can do about it, don’t know your wifi. I’m using a separate SSID for all my home automation with only 2.4ghz enabled on a channel which is not used by any other wireless networks in the area. Be sure to only use channel 1, 6 or 11 due to overlapping frequencies and preferably try to avoid 1 because it is the same frequency as the Zigbee channel is in Homey (and cannot be changed).

Is the Shelly WiFi 3500W plug supported? Is it not listed under the supported devices. Thanks!