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'Simple' and properly working system for automatic sunscreens


What action are you taking when the sunscreens are out and a small cloud comes over and it starts to rain?


Well, my sunscreens are aluminium rollers. So, a shower would not be a problem. However, I recently purchased a Netatmo Rain sensor for the purpose/problem you mention.


better logic mathjs expression box has a mean function which calculate averages.

round(mean(temp1, temp2, temp3),2)

Don’t know if the athom logic flow cards can use this function.


normal logic does not have the mean function, just the round option.


Any change that a feature request for the mean function will make it?
I have seen some other feature requests for the athom logic app on github.


You’ll have to contact Athom about that on their new support channel, they don’t read this Community forum.

There is always a possibility that it gets added, but you won’t know unless you ask them.