Simple LOG App



Simple LOG

This app makes it possible to add logging to your flow’s. It is simple in every way. it’s simple to use and it’s simple in terms of code.


Old forum post.

Install App.


  • Use the log activity card, and add some text to the log.
  • Use the log activity card, and add some text to the log while tagging a group name.
  • Clear your log.
  • View your log in the app settings.
  • the log view will refresh when a new line of text is added to the log.



The folowing API endpoints can be used:

  • GET /api/app/nl.nielsdeklerk.log
  • PUT /api/app/nl.nielsdeklerk.log/addlog {“log”: “Test 1,2,3”, “group”: “TEST”}
  • GET /api/app/nl.nielsdeklerk.log/clearlog


Version 2.2.0

  • Added API: get log feature. GET http:///api/app/nl.nielsdeklerk.log/ to get all logging.
  • Added new card to provide a group name for the logging.
  • Added Limit of 2000 Logging entries. Newer log entries will remove the oldest.

Version 2.1.0

  • Added function to switch between font sizes.

Version 2.0.0

  • API Support, Now you can simply log from anywhere. send a HTTP PUT with format: {“log”: “Test 1,2,3”, “group”: “TEST”} to: http:///api/app/nl.nielsdeklerk.log/addlog
  • log now stored as objects (Date/time, Group, Log data) (group is for future usage.)
  • Appv2 support, who doesn’t love to view log file’s on a mobile device.
  • download log as CSV, “;” seperated.
  • Added action card to Remove log data older then # day’s.

Version 1.0.0

  • Now using SDKv2.
  • Added Date to logging.
  • Added Time to logging.
  • Ability to show or hide Date.
  • Ability to show or hide Time.
  • Ability to disable Autorefresh.

Version 0.0.5

  • Fixed a Typo.

Version 0.0.4

  • Repaired the clear button.
  • Added a download button.
  • Added action card to clear log data.

Simple Log Colors

Any chance we can add colors to the log :)? Getting a bit busy in the output and it would be great if I can distinguish between importance.



You can add a group name to the logging card. All logs can be exported as csv making it possible to filter and or to provide colors using excel or equivalent.

I have no plans to add colors at this time but I’ll definitely keep it in mind for a next update.


Hi Niels, great app, use it a lot, on vacation in Greeche I have seen that the time registration is shown with the time of the device where it is shown on, fi when een alarm goes of on Homey at 08:00 Homey time, this is shown in the log with the Greeche time 09:00 , now I’m back in Holland, it is shown again as 08:00. For me this is a bit confusing, is this meant to be so or is this a bug?


Interesting :slight_smile:

The time is saved as a time integer and not based on any time zone. The browser/App formats this using a local sided script to make it human readable thus resulting in the local system time.

It’s not designed with this in mind.


Hi! Thank you for this nice app! Would it be possile to add variable values from the “Better logic” app? I’m using an interger and would like to log the current values when is changes.

Thanks in advance.


You could make a flow, in the first collumn you’ll drag the better logic app. In the last collumn you’ll drag the log card. Add some text and drag the value to the log card to include the value there.