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Simple LOG App


I’m looking for a nice way to keep the CSV Function. I haven’t found anything good yet.



I was just thinking if it’s the download that is a problem then maybe email might be an alternative. Still keeping the CSV but delivered by a different method.



Ok. I had no problem with the clear button on the page and found it very useful.
I guess now I would need to add a flow that just clears the log.
Any chance it could be add to the end of the log so it’s out of the way of other buttons?

I think the option to log to the time line in the home screen is a great feature and will be really useful.

I’m surprised you got that past Athom as they said they are adding that feature to a future version and would block any app that did unless it was a part of another device lol.



Oh really. Well I’m not gabaging the home screen with trash. It’s the user that can desire to use or not use it. Maybe that helped :slight_smile:

Adding the clear log button at the bottom is a great idea and I will definitely do that.

Technically email would be possible but that’s a lot of code for a workaround. I’m sure better options must be available.



Cool. I’m sure the logging to the timeline will be welcomed by many from what I read on Slack. That’s where I saw another dev pushed down by Emile when he suggested writing an app to do it.

The email option was just a passing thought so if you find an easier way then great.

I find Simple log very useful when debugging flows so thanks for a great app and keeping it up to date.



Would love to have the clear button back tbh. A lot easier than having to start a flow.



updated to 2.4.0, but the homey app crashes each time when trying to select/type text in the ‘log’ text field.



That’s odd. Could you share a picture of where and when that happens?



Thanks for your support m8, really appreciate it!

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That’s odd. Could you share a picture of where and when that happens?



I know it doesn’t help you Stijn but it’s not happening to me. I’ve modified old card and added new ones without a glitch.
Have you tried pulling the plug on Homey for a while just to make sure it hasn’t got in a strange state.



I have received a couple of user generated app crash reports that show normal operation.
might these come from you by any chance? if that’s the case then i’m wondering Is the log app crashing or the homey app?

I’m not doing any validation when you add text to a flow card so i don’t see how my app can crash from that.



I tried with other cards and it seems to crash every time in text fields, so it is not related to the simple log but to all cards where it is possible to type text, change the seconds, etc…
My phone is a huawei P10, can’t try with another at the moment, will try tomorrow with a Nokia.



Try to remove the homey app and then reinstall the homey app. hopefully that helps.



@Adrian_Rockall @Hannes85 I’ve just pushed the next update.

It isn’t partucularly pretty, but i’m sure you will be happy. Downloading the CSV is possible through https://developer.athom.com/tools/app-settings

Version 2.4.1 release notes:

  • re-added the clear log button in settings. (Dragg screen to left.)
  • re-added the CSV button. (Now shows in-app as CSV format text)
  • while using the CSV button at https://developer.athom.com/tools/app-settings will download the log in CSV format.


reinstalling did not help. it is not a problem to see the log, it all works, just wanted to change the cards so its added to the timeline. and finally have a view of all that homey does :slight_smile:
It is not possible to change the type, so I need to remove and add a new card.

Will look further to see if it is a setting somewhere…



Okay, found it, but still a bug :slight_smile:

I’m using ‘swiftkey’ as keyboard, changing it to Gboard did the trick.
Maybe others have problems using swiftkey and the homey app on an android phone?

Still I prefer Swiftkey :s , but good for now



Looking forward to trying it.



You can add a bug report to athom so they can fix their app.



Version 2.4.1 is just published. Have fun and please let me know what you think about it.