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Smart Presence (App) - flows that works


Hi, just started using Homey and I must say I’m put off by this tricky home and away business. A 2 year old doesn’t have a phone to check whether he’s home, people without a Homey account like the cleaner and the nanny can’t easily be found not to be intruders and when I’m out but my iPad is not things go wrong as well. Seems to me Homey just doesn’t work if you don’t want to spend ages trying things and perfecting flows. I thought Homey was going to make my life easier and I’m not willing to invest the kind of time you seem to need to get anything done with Homey. Shame. I hope it will be developed further and gets smarter without needing so much time from the people using it. For now I’ve decided not to connect it to my Nest thermostat because the Nest software is far better at working out what’s needed.


There are several posts about this device and another brand. Don’t buy it as it doesn’t work at all.



Hello @Frans_Keeman,

Are you talking about the zipato keypad ? Have you got another alternative ?



Does anybody have experience with iOS geofencing? It has been around for a long time and used by mobile apps like the ones that control Hue lights and Apple’s own Homekit.

For me, however, it has never worked reliably. Even 4 iOS’es and 3 phones later, it just doesn’t see when I am even 5 km away from home.
Some people say they have it working consistently and Apple also seems to think all is working well, since there is no activity in that area.

If someone is using it successfully, could you share?


Peepzzz please keep the topic related to the smart presence app.

I understand its a importent thing to have precense working, but this topic goes over the the smart presence app only. Other wise its gonna be a big mess.

Thks and i know i also being part of it


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Sorry to give alternatives to Smart Presence and my experience with them !

Btw I’ve deleted my post to not pollute this topic :slight_smile:


What count down do you recommend for the door timer?

What “Away delay” do you use for the smarter presence?

I’m currently trying 10 min for the door timer and 8 min for the away delay for smarter presence.

Or did you just remove the away delay for smarter presence.

Is really irriating android phones now go into deep doze so quickly and wifi is cut .


As stated earlier in this topic, i dont use smart presence anymore.

But you want to keep the door timer as short you can. Because that timer is the blind spot and there for not 100% working but 99%

The reasson when you at home, got a visitor…door opens, timer running. When in that time smart presence loosing the wifi you stil set at away.

Its not a perfect solution but almost perfect.



Can you tell more about your 100% working solution using bluetooth switch and door sensor? What bluetooth switch do you mean and how does this work for you?

Thx in advance!


Hmm but if I set the door timer to say 5 min.

if smarter presence detects loss of wifi with delay 10min it would never trigger the nobody home flow option.


could you explain this. does it mean you need carry around some bluetooth card?


You need a bluetooth switch, thats switch on when Phone in range. for example

Connect the relay to to a for example neo coolcam doorsensor (you have to remove the reed contact and soldering the wires to the sensor.

So when coming home, your Phone connects to the bluetooth switch, the relais closing, the doorsensor give alarm. And you use this for presence.

Downside of it, you need this setup for every person in your household


I have no problem with smart presence. Hmm
Lucky me on my oneplus

But indeed go for a Bluetooth beacon :slight_smile:


Hi, I have just installed this app to test out. Looks promising.
One thing I notice and would like added if it is possible please, is a sensor value within the device that notifies you if the device(phone) is present or away. Same as a motion sensor for example, that when you view the device itself within the app, you can see if the device is currently active on the network or disconnected.


You can use a virtual device for that.


I use the smart presence app. It works perfect!
When i leave, nothing happens if my wife is still in the house. When she leaves, 15 minutes later our home goes into away mode, and activates the alarm system.

The first person who arrive will automatic activate the home mode and deactivate the alarm.

I get a notification of who and when this happens.


so any person got 15 LONG minutes to his thing in your house before the alarm is set on? thats a long time normaly they dont need that much time.

On topic… you dont having problems with the wifi is disconnect from your Phone?


To be completely safe, you should activate the alarm before you leave, but this is a safety in case you forget it;)

The reason I use 15 minutes is because the wifi in my phone goes in to sleep when not in use. but every now and then it connects to check the status. I dont want the alarm to go off because my wifi is disconnected when im still home


Thanks Robert, I did already think of this workaround. It just seems unnecessary and you end up clogging up your interface and Hub with a lot of extra devices for no reason.
Another thing I wish Homey could do is to have the ability to select the “visibility” of a device.
Anyway, thanks for your prompt response, much appreciated.