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Smart Presence (App) - flows that works


There are several posts about this device and another brand. Don’t buy it as it doesn’t work at all.



Hello @Frans_Keeman,

Are you talking about the zipato keypad ? Have you got another alternative ?



Does anybody have experience with iOS geofencing? It has been around for a long time and used by mobile apps like the ones that control Hue lights and Apple’s own Homekit.

For me, however, it has never worked reliably. Even 4 iOS’es and 3 phones later, it just doesn’t see when I am even 5 km away from home.
Some people say they have it working consistently and Apple also seems to think all is working well, since there is no activity in that area.

If someone is using it successfully, could you share?


Peepzzz please keep the topic related to the smart presence app.

I understand its a importent thing to have precense working, but this topic goes over the the smart presence app only. Other wise its gonna be a big mess.

Thks and i know i also being part of it


Oké last time of topic to help Julien_Moors… please Read this BEnext Tag reader 500



Sorry to give alternatives to Smart Presence and my experience with them !

Btw I’ve deleted my post to not pollute this topic :slight_smile: