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Smart Presence (App) - flows that works


Does anyone know whether it supports 2.0?
All my homecoming depend on it


I was using my app beacon with 100% success rate. Core presence, better presence app, owntracks, ifttt did not work for me.

note: currently app beacon is not supported for 2.0 due to BLE core issues


I am confused but does or doesn’t work Smart precense work in homey 2.0.
I use ifft for updating the precense now. How can i update the precense on the timeline (not manual).

greetz Frans


Hi Frans

I found a small app that can log info on the timeline (like a logging app). It’s usefull when you want to fill the timeline with interesting information, instead of app updates. :slight_smile:
Check this logging app



The new Homey FW (2.0.2 experimental) has that build-in too…


I am on 2.02 and this works fine in the time Line now


Yes, I get that, espically when my wife is at home alone and her phone dozes a lot with wifi off , she opens the door for a visitor and homey goes into count-down mode to autoshutdown (I set it to 5 min for auto shutdown).

I was thinking of adding another flow to migate that involving motion sensors.

My first attempt wasn’t quite succuessful because i set it to check if motion sensors in my living room were on, and because the motion sensors had 5 min cool-downs , I ran into a situtation where, I walked passed the motion sensors in the living room on the way out and when i disconnected the motion sensors were still acivated and it refused to go to a shutdown mode.