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Smart Thinq LG // Airconditioners

Hello, any suggestions how to control the LG Airco appliances with Homey ?
It’s connected via Wifi and an LG app called “Smart Thinq”

Thanks !

Also looking forward to it! Anybody an idea?

I have a Qlima also connected to WiFi and also looking for an Airco app.


Also super keen for this, I am wondering if anyone has been willing to get this started?

I did an app request

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I am also looking for this to be supported

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Someone: Please develop a LG Thinq app that supports washers, dryers ++


I looked into this and contacted LG to get access to the ThinQ api. Sadly, my request got rejected as I am not a company :pensive:. Anyways, I am still willing to create a ThinQ app, however, I do have some other priorities at the moment. If someone wants to co-develop that would be great, please contact me :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to intercept the wifi command you send with the airco app? Like using the app “HTTP Canary” on your device that has the app for the airco installed. With the right headers and payload information, we can create a http request. This is how I get all the SOAPACTION commands for my smart tv and use them as http requests in Homey.

There’s a working implementation for Home Assistant, so it might be easier to take a look at its source.

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Hi can someone please make this to work in homey :slight_smile:


I’m a very bad searcher, but did anybody develop the ThinQ app so we can control the newly installed airco’s?

Hope for a positive reactie.