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Solution Somfy io control

My Somfy window blinds are not operating from sun or temperature.

Somfy uses 2 protocols to control their products.

  1. Somfy RTS which can be controlled from Homey directly with the Somfy app
  2. Somfy io which can only be controlled with use of the Somfy TaHoma Box through a different app from Homey.

But I only wanted to control 1 window blind in my appartement which is Somfy io controlled by a remote control. The Somfy TaHoma Box is expensive if you only use it for 1 device.

Somfy has a remote to control io deices from a fixed switch: Izymo Transmitter io
What I did is connect this switch to a double relay switch which is controlled by Z-wave or Zigbee. This way you can use these Z-wave or Zigbee switches to control a Somfy io device. Make sure Homey is ether switching on the up OR the down switch and it works like a charm.

Made some flows to connect the blinds to the weather conditions and my apartment is not as hot anymore when I arrive in the afternoon.


This is only half true, the other option is Connexoon IO (approx 130 euro), for which there is a Homey app too. So for one IO motor this is true, but the ridiculous high price of Somfy remotes plus the additional cost of making them Homey operable will mean that adding more IO appliances will very soon topple towards Connexoon IO as the cheapest option.

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