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Soma Connect App

Soma Connect App

I have added a new Soma app which is now live at

This app connects to the the Soma hub which is different from the Soma app produced by Gerard Ricart which connects directly to the blinds via Bluetooth. The advantage is that Homey does not have to be withing Bluetooth range of the blinds, but the disadvantage is that you will need the hub or a Raspberry Pi running the Soma image. Gerard’s app also provides an MQTT interface but I didn’t think it necessary on mine as it is already talking to the hub over the WiFi.

Currently my app only supports one hub but I plan to enhance that in the future if there is demand for it.
I have only tested the app with the Soma Tilt devices as that is all I have but I see no reason why it won’t work with the Soma Shades as well as it is using the official Soma API.

I wrote the app to solve my requirements but thought it would be good to share it. If there are any feature requests then feel free to ask and I will do my best to accommodate them.

Using the app
To use the app you will need to enter the IP address of your Soma Connect hub into the app configuration page before adding devices. You can then go through the normal add devices procedure to select the blinds you want to control.
Each blind can be configured to the required open and close percentage that will be selected when the blind is switched on and off. This is in the advanced section of the device configuration. For the tilt modules that would be 50 for open and 0 or 100 for closed depending on which way you want then to tilt. For shades it would probably be 0 for open and 100 for closed.

Note (updated 19th Dec 2019)
The Connect box from Soma requires the latest version to work as they have only recently added the API interface. If you see the “ECONNREFUSED” error message in the log panel then it probably means the Connect firmware needs to be updated. Check the following link to get the latest Connect firmware: https://somasmarthome.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035521234-Install-SOMA-Connect-software-on-SOMA-Connect-Raspberry-Pi

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Wow, Nice! Looks promesing!
Do I need the Some Connect box to get this working with the blind motors?

I’m waiting for an update (0.0.5) to go live that fixes the polling. If you want it now then the test version is at:

Thanks, I hope you find it useful.

Yes. The app talks to the Connect box via the WiFi and the Connect box talks to the blind motors via Bluetooth.

I think Soma also provide a download for a Raspberry-Pi image so you can build your own Connect box if you have a spare Pi around.

If you want to try connecting directly to the blind motors then you can use the other Soma app by Gerard Ricart:

His version didn’t work for me because my blinds are too far away from Homey and if I moved Homey closer it would be too far away from my other devices.

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Some has created a diagnostics report but they don’t include any identifying information so I have no way to know who you are or how to contact you so i hope you read this message.

The report says:

User Message:
Hi it will not work on my side

I have inkludet the IP adress fromm my soma connect

If I will connect to him, it will not create a divice the Name had a problem

It also includes the cause of the problem:

sendMessage: get list_devices
2019-12-19 11:54:49 [log] [SomaConnectApp] Connection Failed: FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED

The ECONNREFUSED is the key to the problem as it means the request for information was rejected. One possible cause of this is the Connect box is running an old version of the firmware that does not support the API. I have now included information in the first post of this topic about this with a link to the Soma page that provides instruction on how to update the box free of charge.

Also double check the IP address is correct just in case the app is talking to the wrong device.

If that doesn’t help then please get back to me so I can work this out for you.

I have submitted an update that fixes the formula used to calculate the battery percentage so the value matches the Soma App.