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Somfy IO: only Tahoma or also Connexoon?


Hi there,

i am not owing a Homey yet, might be comming soon.

I am about the buy Somfy 2 blinds. I can choose between RTS motor, or IO motor.
What is at this moment (begin november) best motor-type to choose? In combination with Homey.
I also have option for buying a Somfy Connexoon or Somfy Tahoma.

Will the Connexoon also work with this app? https://apps.athom.com/app/com.somfy.tahoma Only one person stating it does. How to contact the developer?



I have a connexoon. It works perfect with this app


Ok, dank je voor je snelle reactie.
Thanks for the quick reply.


Is it also posible to open or close my overhead door controled bij Dexo IO


The IO protocol is closed, that’s why it only works with devices like the Connexoon and Tahoma. If your overhead door works with these, then it will work with Homey.


I heave a TaHoma and can control my blinds but the overhead door is not in the Option.