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Somfy Protect / Home Alarm (formally known as MyFox)

Continuing the discussion from Homey Community App Requests:

I looked into the API documentation for Somfy Protect / Home Alarm located here:

But unfortunately Somfy does not provide sufficent API support for the Somfy Home Alarm / Protect devices. Right now only the camera shutters are supported.

Also the MyFox api does not support Protect/Home alarm.

I’ve dropped Somfy an e-mail, as there is an IFTTT implementation so there should be a(n undocumented) way to connect.

If anyone has info on this, please let me know, I would like to develop the App for Somfy Protect / Home Alarm.


Hi Tim, do you have any update from Somfy?

None so far, unfortunately

I would be interested to use that app as well. Just to understand: when I add my home alarm to my Tahoma, it will connect to the ‘Link’ only. Would there be any possibility to work with all separate devices (e.g. door sensors / motion sensor) ?

That depends on the API of Somfy ofcourse.
So far I haven’t had any reply from Somfy and I don’t see any API resource information on the web either. :frowning:

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I can change the mode of my Somfy One alarm and get alarm notification via my Tahoma box using a modified version of the Homey Tahoma app. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way yet to access the sensors, etc as well.

I have asked Lennart several times if he wants to incorporate my additions but he is very busy. So if you are interested I can share my version of his app on GitHub so it can be installed via the CLI.