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Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v2.1.12 test v2.1.28)

Sorry about that, as the tilt position is a built-in capability I assumed it would have standard flow cards, but it appears that is not the case for that capability.
I will add them in as custom capabilities.

I had a response from Somfy today about using the API. They have agreed to allow us to use it with the following restrictions:

  • Minimum polling interval of 30 seconds while no active connection (user not interacting with the system). I will adjust the limits in the next release to enforce the 30 second rule.
  • Allowed to decrease interval to 1 second while processing events / commands.

They will continue to monitor the load on their servers and will revise the rules if the load becomes too great.

They have also said they will investigate a more adaptive solution for third-party systems but it will not be soon.

So, generally good news.


That’s really great to hear from Somfy :smile: they always said that 24/7 polling with their api is not allowed.
Probably some are still disappointed, when using their sensors (like you :wink:) but for all the people with blinds/covers this is great news!

If they really want to reduce the load, they have to :smiley: then they could push a status update if needed to homey, instead that homey constantly polls.

Big thanks to you @Adrian_Rockall all the effort you spend to help users and Somfy. :+1:

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Yep, it does render my door sensors almost useless as far as Homey goes. I currently use them to switch outside lights on when the door opens so i can see to go to the rubbish bins, etc. Even 10 seconds was a bit slow but within 30 seconds I have gone out and come back in again :slight_smile:
As it happens I will be replacing those with Hiome (https://www.hiome.com/) sensors when they arrive so not a problem.

The only other device I have that requires polling is the Sunis and 30 seconds is fine for that.

So for now I think it is a positive response that I very much welcome and shows that Somfy are thinking about their users.

This one sounds interesting, I use aqara door/window sensors atm, pretty happy with them :slight_smile:

I agree, really great!! :+1::+1:

Hi Adrian!

It works great. Thank you very much !

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Version 2.1.28 is now in test. This has the 30 second minimum polling interval condition to comply with Somfy’s new conditions of use for the API.

I have also added a new ‘Is Moving’ condition card. This will only work if the move command was sent by Homey. I am investigating ways to make it work with external commands but due to the polling interval it is not practical.

Nothing seem to stop me from entering e.g. 25 seconds in the box. It is also saved when closing and opening. However, when restarting app, it is changed to 30.

Ah, well spotted. I forgot to change the web page. Thanks for pointing it out.