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Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v2.1.62, test v2.1.62)

Will send you some logs today. My Polling interval is at standard 30sec, never changed it.

@Adrian_Rockall 2 device logs sent just now, first without lock state, second after lock state was updated.

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I have pushed a new test version to the store. Let me know hoe it goes.

No Joy. After installing 2.1.5, initial Lock state change was detected, but that was because installing the app applied a blank value in the lock state. So the first change of lock state was triggered. However, after 60mins or so I could see in the connexoon app that the wind lock was removed. No change however in the lock state in the app

If you switch polling off for a few minutes and then switch it back on does it clear then?

After switching polling off, rebooting homey, and switching polling back on, the value was cleared. Only switching polling on/off, or restarting the app did not change the value

Hmm, I’m surprised that restarting the app didn’t clear it as that should have triggered a complete refresh.
I am working on another approach to set a timer, that will periodically get the status, once the value is set. But I’m not sure if the value stays there all the time or just comes up once, and then relies on the timer value to switch it off. I was hoping the timer state change would trigger events but maybe not. Unless the timer runs for a much longer time.

Could you refresh the device log periodically (not too frequently incase it triggers an alarm with Somfy, so say once every 2 minutes), while the alarm is on. Then look in the log for:

        "name": "io:PriorityLockOriginatorState",
        "type": 3,
        "value": "wind"

If it stays there all the time the alarm is on and then disappears when it is clear, then I can use it’s absence in the timer routine to clear the state in Homey.
If entry disappears while the Connexoon alarm is still active could you the look for:

        "name": "core:PriorityLockTimerState",
        "type": 1,
        "value": 1710

The actual value will hopefully change each time you look until it reaches 0. In which case I will clear the alarm at that point. That is kind of what this last attempt ws doing but was relying on an event to occur to show the change. That obviously is not happening, hence the timer approach.
I’m not sure what units the timer value is in, but I am presuming seconds. These entries are from you last log you sent when the alarm was active.

Another test version is in the store. This one uses a timer to poll for the lock state once it is set, so it make take a minute to clear in Homey after it’s cleared in Connexoon, or it might take a long time to clear, depending on the way it works.

Hello, I have just settled right tahoma login credentials, this is ok, but no device detected (I have 4 devices on my Connexoon : 3 roller shutters + 1 velux ). I am sending you log right now. Thanks a lot ! Great if you can help me🤗Lucie

The roller that are shown in the log are added under the “Roller shutter (io)” or “Rolluik (io)” option and the Velux is added under the “Velux roller shutter(io)” or “Velux rolluik (io)” option.

Hi Adrian,
Before jumping into the Homey family, I am reviewing the apps to understand which of my current connected devices I could use through Homey… I am very interested by your app as you mention it manages Antlatic products which I have. Can I just clarify that to manage these products, do I need the Connexoon bridge or I can continue to use the Cozytouch one?

Hi Ben,

I think you would need a Somfy bridge as my app interfaces via the Somfy API. I am not familiar with the Cozytouch so I can’t say for sure but if it is not hooked into Somfy then almost certainly not.
I’m not sure if it needs to be the Connexoon or Tahoma bridge, so maybe one of the currents users can help out there.

I checked the cozytouch website. It says it can be connected by either IO or wifi (depending on the connected product). I would say that you use wifi, and this Tahoma app has nothing to do with that. I would assume it is only relevant if you connect through IO. This app interfaces through Somfys servers, so in theory another app might work through their servers, but I highly doubt it would be the case here.

My app connects to the Somfy servers using their API but it needs a Connexoon or Tahoma account to log in. If you have Somfy login credentials to access the cozytouch then you could try but I am not sure it will work.

Thanks Adrian, my understanding is that the Cozytouch and Connexoon are the same and been developed together by Somfy and Atlantic and are both using IO homecontrol. But if you connect through the Somfy API, it will indeed not work with the Atlantic Cozytouch.
Thanks anyway

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Hi Adrian. Took a while, but I tested the lock state variable on 2.1.54 and it now correctly triggers a lock state change. Lock state variable changed to “wind” after I triggered the Somfy wind sensor. When the Somfy Connexxoon released the lock state 20 mins later, the lock state in the Somfy app was changed to “’” (blank), which also triggerd a lock state change in the app. Issue solved!

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Hi Adrian,

Do you know if the Somfy Home Alarm (part of Somfy Protect) is supported by your app? The system itself can be connected to Tahoma.


I believe it is. I have the Somfy One Alarm and I think that looks the same to my app.
The support is limited to setting / getting the alarm mode (Off, Partialand Full) and getting the state (alarm in progress).
Unfortunately none of the sensors are available to the app.

Thx, I’ll might go for the Tahoma in that case, still a steep price to support my Velux curtains and the Alarm.

The new upcoming „Tahoma Switch“ in Q2/2021 will replace the existing box and will cost only 199 Euro.