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Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v2.1.62, test v2.1.62)

Hi! I would like to ask (sorry, if dummy question), if you need to physically have the TaHoma box/hub for pairing/operating the blinds/shaders, or Homey as a hub can directly control the io motors? Similarly, can Velux blinds be operated without the Velux Active box? Thanks for replying.

My app communicates with the Somfy severs so will need either the Tahoma or Connexoon box to sit between the server and the io devices.

Homey doesn’t have the required protocol to connect directly.

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I also have the “failed to authenticate” error appearing every time I try to open/close a somfy device in Homey. It has been like that since 4-5 days now.
So for you it just started working again all of a sudden?

I had a reply from Somfy today and it seems that a temporary outage in their authentication server can cause an account to be temporarily locked out because of the login failures. The account should then be automatically reinstated after 10 minutes of no activity. The problem is the app retries the login after 5 minutes which restarts the 10 minute lockout. This is to prevent brute force attacks on the account.

When I contacted Somfy I included the HA devs in the email and they replied to say they have had the same reports from their users.

So if this is the issue then you could try disabling the app for about 15 minutes and then see if the login works after that.

With this new information I will change the login delay to 15 minutes after a failed attempt.

Edit: Somfy did confirm they have not made any break changes.

It’s also possible that the roll out of updates to the boxes adds extra load on the servers, which could explain why there more issues when that happens.

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Ok, thanks for the information!
I will try disabling for a while.

I had it disabled for about 20 minutes. And after enabling again it now works perfectly!



This is great! I will try this as well. Really awesome with such quick responses from the developer.

Worked here as well! Thanks @klenodder and @Adrian_Rockall


Hi Adrian
thanks for a great app, which I also just implemented and have registered Velux windows without any issues.

I have a request on another IO HomeControl device, which is the Danish product SecuYou (doorhandle/lock), basically identical to SecuSignal, which the app also should cover.
I guess its not ready for this yet and I kindly request this added also.

I read in another thread, that you need some response information before being able to add this.

would you be able to implement this to the app also?

If it is included in Tahoma then I should be able to support it.
If you can send the device log to me ,that should contain the required information. If you could also let me know what the name is as it makes it easier to find. The other thing is a link to a Web page that has images of the device.

Yes, the lock SecuYou is already registered in the Tahoma hub and works… but Somfy Tahoma software is ridiculous!

Product is called SecuYou
The product page: Produkter – Side 2 – http://www.secuyou.dk/
and its and older model which uses IO HomeControl.

I have collected some api response message in json format, where would you like this?
when registering the locks on Tahoma, this was the name:
“label”: “Window Lock”
“controllableName”: “io:WindowLockIOComponent”

and then a bunch of commands to control them

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Thank you for the app. All my Io objects works. I would like to send a log to add exavia rts portail or keypop remonte rts, but nothing happen when i try to get log and in Setting appear in red “not_found”. Do i do something wrong?

In Homey, can you open:
Somfy Tahoma and Connexoon,
Configure App
then select the Device Log tab,
Tap on Get Log and once the log is populated tap on Send Log.

That will send the information I need but remove all the personal data.

I must have been distracted when writing this message as I have just found it waiting to be sent. So it was initially for @Seb but probably applies to @Ilan as well. Sorry for the delay.

@Adrian_Rockall Yes, it’s what i try, but nothing appear exempt “not found” in Setting tab.

Does the error appear when you open the Configure App screen or when you tap on the Get Log button on the Device log tab?
What version of the app are you using?

Version 2.1.57.
Message is when i tap to the get log button but i have to return to the Setting tab to see it.

Could you capture the screen with the message on it and send it to me via pm?
I can’t figure out why that is happening.

Could you turn on the Information log, then Get the Device log and then send the Information log.
If there is an error when getting the devices, it should hopefully show in the Information log,

Sorry not allowed to pm.

Here are the Information log and the screenshot :

“time”: “2021-04-24T14:54:39.846Z”,
“source”: “syncLoop”,
“data”: “Logged in = true, Already Syncing = false, Stopping = false, Restarting = false”
“time”: “2021-04-24T14:54:39.856Z”,
“source”: “Fetch Events”,
“data”: “Starting”
“time”: “2021-04-24T14:54:39.858Z”,
“source”: “post”,
“data”: “/events/fadfe82c-ac10-3e01-47e5-d27418719f70/fetch”
“time”: “2021-04-24T14:54:39.928Z”,
“source”: “Fetch Events”,
“data”: {
“message”: “Complete”,

I have pushed a new test version that has some extra logging in. Could you install that and the do the same as before