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Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v2.1.62, test v2.1.68)

Didn’t knew, ill add a few flows then. Its a great improvement for finding bugs. Is resending the command if it wasn’t successful an option?

It is possible, using that system, as you could add the command to the Then section.

I am also experimenting with automatic retries of failed commands. But of course that will only work if the app is notified of the failure.

In the log you sent, I can see the very first entry was a command that failed with an http error code 400. That means the command was invalid, but what was sent looks fine. If that was a simple case of corruption during transmission then retrying should resolve it.
That was the only error in the log but the size of the log is limited so there may have been other errors that were overwritten.

So another change I am making is to log those errors even if the log is not enabled. That way when logging is off it will just capture errors so it can store many more.

I will test these changes for a while and provided it doesn’t have bad side effects I will publish a test version later tomorrow.

I erased the log before, so you wouldn’t have to look trough data that didn’t had the error, before I checked and error 400 was in there a few times.

The command in the then section isnt under my tahomaapp?

Ok, if you have seen the error a few times then hopefully the retries might be a solution.

Sorry, the command in the Then section I just meant the original close or set position command.
Maybe for now just log the errors so we can prove or disprove the theory.

When I came home my wife had already activated the sleepflows, and now everything was fine (she says😋). I changed the time to send the commands a second time to 30 instead of 10, when i still was at work so il try a few days like this, and let you know when its misbehaves again

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I guess the key for you is to time how long the slowest shade takes to complete the move and set the second try to just a bit longer than that.

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