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Somfy Tahoma Switch (new device)

Hi there,

I just bought the new Somfy Tahoma Switch. That is the successor of the Somfy Connexioon (that also is currently not available according tot Somfy…). On of the advantages of this device is the combination op IO en RTS in one device!.

Does anybody had any experience with this new device and does the Somfy App support this device?

Thanx in advance for your help!!!

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I have not had any experience with the Switch so I can’t say if it will work with my app or not.
When you get yours you will hopefully tell us how it goes :wink:

Hi Adrian,

Thanx for you response!

When i receive the Switch i wil test it and let you know.

Best regards


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Hey, I just got the device! But when I want to login at tahomalink.com, it gives a error that the account does not exist.
I’ve set up my devices in the app, and created an account.
Maybe it’s too new, so a bug that I can’t login?
Or is this version not supported by the webpage (and so the Homey app) anymore?
I can test some things if needed!

Hi, is there any progress.

I’m in the market for a Somfy switch as well, any update on if this works?

I can confirm that the Somfy Tahoma app now works with the Tahoma Switch.
A few days after the release I was able to login at tahomalink.com, and the app also worked after that!
It responds very quickly!