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Sonoff support

Hello everybody,

I just discovered that since last firmware update the sonoff app can’t anymore support sonoff devices unless they’re modified with tasmota firmware. I have two questions about it :

  1. latest sonoff firmware is totally supported both by alexa skill and Google home. It works perfectly and I can create routine based upon it. Why it’s not possible to integrate in homey? Shall the app be developed by itead/sonoff to be fully compatible?

  2. is there a guide to understand how to setup a sonoff tasmota modified firmware in homey? I can buy a modified sonoff online but I have no idea how to setup. Is it still possible to manage it with ewelink?

Thank you for your support and have a nice day


It is possible to integrate it in Homey, if someone other than me (the original developer of the Sonoff app for Homey; it is not an official Itead app) spends the time to develop support for it.

If you have changed the firmware to Sonoff-Tasmota, you can’t use it with Ewelink anymore. If you’re looking at trying a Sonoff-Tasmota-flashed device (look here for the devices that have been tested), I would suggest buying one, reading this, and try to get it working.

Hello Robert,

Thank you for your work to develop an app for homey and for the time you spend answering questions.

I’m currently using a 4ch pro at office to open an electric bar for the access to the parking area. We mostly open it with an alexa vocal command. It works great.

I wanted to reply it at home where I own a homey since few days. Can you suggest a device like the sonoff 4ch pro that can close the cirquit for 2 seconds and then opening it again? It’s what called inching, I think. I looked at shelly but it doesn’t look they provide the inching functionality.

Thank you again

It should be possible to implement inching with Homey’s flows, but I guess you’re looking for something more reliable (implemented on the device itself)?

Hi Robert,
I understand your point. It’s smart. I could get a basic sonoff with tasmota firmware and creating a flow in homey like this : when a button is pressed, close the sonoff circuit _ after 2 seconds open the circuit again. That’s a software inching. Did you try it? Is it reliable?
Do you also know a fully hardware switch compatible with homey to do the same? I don’t think shelly do.

I also have a second option :
Using official sonoff device for opening the fence creating a widget for it on the home screen. Creating a flow to open the front door and turning on lights.
It would work good but it involves pressing two buttons on the home page and it’s not that smart…

Thank you

I think the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware has an option for inching as well, but you have to set it yourself through an MQTT command (it’s not supported by the Sonoff app for Homey). Otherwise, yes, it will be software inching. I haven’t tried it and cannot comment on its reliability (but it would mostly depend on Homey’s reliability).

I don’t know about other devices that have hardware-inching.

Thank you Robert,

Your help was precious to better understand how to find a solution

Have a nice day

Hello Robert and good morning,
I received a basic sonoff with tasmota and I’ll try to configure it with your app.

Serching online I discovered a newly added product, the sonoff r3. By what I understand it might be the compromise between standard and tasmota modified firmware.
Did you gave it a look? Are you considering to develop an homey app for that?

Have a nice day and thank you again for your great work.


No, and no :slight_smile:

For us not so tech-heavy: Can we still buy a regular SONOFF and pair it with Homey? Or is this a dead project?

A regular Sonoff device is very likely not going to work with this app.


Then its time too look for alternatives :slightly_smiling_face:

The Sonoff basic DIY is very easy to flash with Tasmota OTA

I have connected the Sonoff Dual R2 with Tasmota firmware which works perfect.
But now I want to add an temperature and Humidity sensor to it.
It is supported by the device and firmware.
But can it also be used with the Homey app?