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Sonos Say


I have created an Athom App that makes use of node-sonos-http-api to send out speech from your flow. Setup up a node-sonos, install the app, point the settings to your node-sonos instans. Then you just add the Text to Speech in your flow and wola, your sonos will start talking.

Since the app needs you to install node-sonos on a separat instance the app will not be approved for the official app store (tried and got declined).

But for you who want, you can download it here and run it:
Sonos-Say Github

Hope you like it


Tried it yesterday. Works really nice. Don’t forget the ‘/’ at the end: http://:5005/ :wink:.

Also have some suggestions:

  • Would be nice if you can configure the volume from the flowcard. Or maybe don’t set a specific volume from settings, but use the volume from the Sonos how its set.
  • Would be nice if if you can configure the roomname where to say something from the flowcard:
    /[Room name]/say/[phrase][/[language_code]][/[announce volume]]
    /sayall/[phrase][/[language_code]][/[announce volume]]