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SONOS speaker not found, can't add again (ERROR_RESOURCE_GONE)


I had my Sonos connected to my Homey for a while now. Had some trouble with a movement detection-flow, so I changed it to a countdown timer yesterday. It worked fine, until this morning, where my Homey simply couldn’t find the Sonos anymore. I tried some simple flows (if motion detected and sonos is playing, write message), but no luck. Controlling the Sonos from the Homey-app didn’t work either (network errors).

So I removed my Sonos, and tried to add it again. That’s where I got the “ERROR_RESOURCE_GONE” message after logging in on Sonos. I rebooted my speaker, and I rebooted my Homey, but nothing works.

Has anyone tried this before, maybe with some other device? Is there a fix?
I made a screen recording:

Edit: after restarting my router, I now get the error “No new devices have been found”. This is weird, because when I check in the app, it says there are no devices connected. The music is playing and I can control it from the real Sonos-app from where I’m sitting, so it’s definitely on my network.


I have the same since this morning.
I have updated the original Sonos controller app on my iphone yesterday to the latest version 10.2, maybe that is causing this?
Did you also update the Sonos app?


Not actively, but maybe it did it automatically. But it would also be weird if the original Sonos app is interfering, because Homey doesn’t use that one at all. Maybe I have to update the speaker? Going to check for updates now.

Edit: No updates available.


Which version of the Sonos app do you have installed on your Homey?
The latest version is 5.0.10. Could you install this version and re-add your Sonos speakers to see if this solves the issue?


I had the same problem this morning.
Deleted the app
Reinstalled it.

When I click on a Sonos device I get the message error_resource_gone


Could you try to delete the device and re-add it to Homey?


I re-installed the app yesterday, so according to https://apps.athom.com/app/com.sonos, it is the version you mention. It’s possible to delete a device, but impossible to re-add a device, as it will say “No new devices have been found”.

All this information was also available in the start post btw.


Update: I tried adding the speaker again, and it worked without trouble. I’m not home, so I am not able to test the flows, but I guess they work as they did before.


After updating the Homey app to version i could add my Sonos speakers again and all works good now.
Had to edit all my Sonos flows because the speakercards were gone there.


Removed the players
De-installed the app
Restarted Homey
Installerend the app
When adding the players, message:

iOS, Homey 2.3.0
Latest version


Same error here, also updated and added to Google maybe that’s the issue?


Yesterday I also connected Homey to. Google


If using an iphone, then update to the Homey app version 2.3.1, available in apple TestFlight. This solved the Sonos problems.


Sorry found it an yes works! Thanks!!


It works after updating!