The homey is disturbing the sonos. Even when the app within homey is deleted.
My sonos isnt working any more. After contacting home support from sonos they told me that homey was disturbing the speakers. After unplugging homey, the sonos speakers with the app Works again. At this point i have to choose between the homey or my sonos.

Can homey have a update or something to clear this up


When u delete the Sonos app on Homey u have to wait a few minutes before the Sonos actually works again. No need to delete the Sonos app btw, just put it off would work also.
Can u also provide us with the Homey FW version and the Homey Sonos app version?


Had exactly the same problem. Sonos did not display any information in my apps. After deleting the Sonos app AND th Spotitfy for Sonos app from homey the problem was solved. Not sure where the solutions lies but delering everething Sonos related from Homey seems to solve the problem…Hope to see it different soon


I have the same issues been like this for a long time now :frowning: