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SSH vulnerability

I installed Homey in my company. We’ve got some automatic security vulnerability checks in our network (scans all the network devices for possible vulnerabilities and reports them) and I received a report that SSH port is open on Homey and is vulnerable due to old OpenSSH version installed - and it should be updated with a new version. I know, that new version can be installed with new firmware only and it has to be done by Athom. But maybe anyone know if it is possible to just disable the SSH on Homey?

It’s not possible to disable SSH on Homey (there’s also no reason why it’s active, but hey, that’s Athom Logic…). You should send a support request to support@athom.com telling them about your findings.

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Thanks Robert,
Yeah, I reported the issue to Athom. But knowing how long it can take them (if at all) I asked here, because I thought there might be a way to disable it, that I didn’t know.

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