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Stability, Performance... communication

Duh, i really missed it. :blush: I must pay a visit to the local optician very soon i suppose… :laughing:

Danny_Mertens, sometimes it’s all about communication between front-end and back-end team, and software app’s integrity communications as well. Here is a great blog I found recently ( https://reinvently.com/blog/top-3-harsh-reasons-why-mobile-apps-fail/ ) where an author gathered all the information about harsh reasons how an app can fall after a start-up, of even before it.

Realy feels like the frustation I had with Fibaro some years ago.
Now after few years of rubbish looking to switch to another platform, but reading these forums gives me flashbacks…

Cheerz anyway.

There is no system that is perfect on the market yet in this kind of price range. If yes, please let me know, I will go for it!
I had Fibaro HCL and HC2 before and I know what are you talking about. It seems that Fibaro has the same issues with HC3 again - a lot of bugs reported in forum. Talking about Homey, its working pretty stable, able to serve more automation that I was able to do with Fibaro! Yes, there are areas to be improved yet, but I do not regret switching from HC2 so far.


Iam not Always agree with athom for sure, but the fact is that they must make choice. for you maybe new languages isnt importent but for others it is.