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Stable presence solution (IFTTT)


On the old forum there is a post with this tittle. I have used this for testing a presence solution.
So far it seems to work. Finally i have found something that does work on my devices.
However still having some questions so placing it here again.

In the post i find a picture made by rickp

II made the same flow in my homey and IFTTT and so far it works even installed simple log so that works also. However the part of “better logic” i don’t understand . Installed better logic but never worked with it.

What does this part do? If i copy it it gives an error. But if i don’t know where its for also don;t understand it.

Can someone explane me this part.

So far happy wit the IFTTT presence part.

greetz Frans


Did you first define your better logic variable?? before you use it in the flows.


Hi Roy,

No i did not define a logic variable. I have no idea how to use this "beter logic "part.
Is there no Tutorial somewhere? Of course i can ad this but i have no idea what is does?

greetz Frans


Hi frans. You could do without betterlogic. I use it to have a better view of when a states changed for the last time and to make it more easy to switch a status manually.

This gave me more insight on whats happening inside homey and to find out why some flows weren’t working as planned.

If you would want to use it you need to make, as suggested by Roy, a value in betterlogic. Go to settings, betterlogic, give it any name you want, chose boolean and hit add. Now you can use that exact boolean value in the flow.

But if you have no need for trouble shooting and your system isn’t build on/with betterlogic I would suggest just to stick with the normal precense. (“mark home/markeer als thuis”)


Oke i have got i working without the use of better logic now. However i would love to learn more about this. So far i can’t find a smal tutoral about this app. I am not yet 100% happy with the IFTTT flows so still working on that.

greetz Frans


Well, in short and to stay somewhat ontopic, i set boolean’s when a status switches. This way i can see if and when a switch happend so i can easily see if something, for example presence, is working. If necessary i can also switch manually by pressing the edit button.

Then in flows i use them in as example "if motion detected in overloop AND overloop donker is true THEN switch light.

All these functions can be made in lots of different ways, for example with tags. I chose this way for the earlier ment reasons. If you have more questions about betterlogic you might make a topic for that to keep everything clear:)


Hi Rick,

Thanks for the explanition. I will have a try to see what hapens .
And your right i am going off topic so when i wil have some more time i will start a new topic about the functions of Better logic.