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Start flow on timeframe and absensd


Hi there!

I want to start a certain action within a given timeframe and only when nobody is at home. But neither can I define a timeframe (only one specific time) nor the state of ‚nobody is at home‘ in the starting condition. They are only available in the ‚and‘ condition cards and cannot be ‚and‘ connected to each other, only ‚or‘.
Is there any way to get around these restrictions?

Your help is very much appreciated!




Not sure when a time frame would trigger, every Millisecond? second? Minute? That’s why a time frame isn’t possible, a trigger is something that happens now, like a motion sensor turned on, some one came home, an alarm went off etc.
So you need a specific trigger first, like:
[IF] someone left
[and] no one is home
[and] it is between two times (2 ANDs is perfectly possible)
[then] do whatever you want

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Hi Caseda!

Thanks a lot.
Yes, I can understand the approach.
I am just wondering why ‚or‘ appears under the first condition. Can I change that anyhow?




If it is above the card, then it is an OR card, not when it is below the card, you need to physically move the card to the OR part (so down).
It just shows you that it is possible to move a second (or more) cards as OR

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Thanks again!
I hope my questions are not tooooo stupid - I wouldn’t know of a written documentation to read before asking…