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Storing variables

Is there a way to store variables for later use. E.g the powerproduction this month can be retrieved from the Solar Panels app. I want this to store for later use. So the production in september and october etc etc. I don’t want it to add in Better Logic. So can you store these data in Homeyscript?

Is it an developer question how to solve in an app?

For users there is an ap for summarizing power readings https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/com.gruijter.powerhour/Power-by-the-Hour/

If you want to copy the value in another logic it is no problem, you don’t need better logic for that it is possible is the standard logic of homey.

And if you want to program it in Homeyscript and store in a Homeyscript tag that is also possible.

Question is not for an app but for a script. I am aware off the app Power by the Hour but I want some extra possibilities . How do I get the Solar Prodution Data off the past days or months or years. You can retrieve the data of the running month or year, but when a new month or year starts the data is gone. I would like to store these data so that I am able to compare these data E.g compare de Solar Production off february 2019 with february 2020. Is this possible without making a variable for each month in Logic or Better Logic.

You could use a proper time series database like InfluxDB or Prometheus.

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Thx will look into it. Looks promising.