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Streamdeck Integration isnt working

Hello i want to connect my homey with my streamdeck on my pc i did everything the integration said to do but on my streamdeck i need to fill in the acces key which i did and checked if it was correct and it was but i dont know where to find the adress and it sais error cannot connect to homey.
can someone help me with my problem?

Hi @Luka_Eelman,
welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Sorry, you are experiencing issues. The address, which you are asked to enter in StreamDeck, is shown in the app settings of the integration app. Just above the field where you set the key.
Also, maybe you have done this already, check the FAQs here: Elgato StreamDeck Integration - #2 by Shakesbeard
Let me know if you need further assistance and stay safe!