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Sunricher led driver app

I just created a sunricher led driver app if anyone wants to try it out. I only have the SRP-ZV9105-75CC driver so have only tested that but if you have other please do let me know and I can see if I can add support for them as well.

App currently in review so feel free to install with dev tool from here: https://github.com/mickem/name.medin.sunricher


Hi Michael,

I don’t have the SRP-ZV9105-75CC, yet.
Q: is there any feature in the app or in SRP-ZV9105-75CC to give an maximum output of 24 volts?

As I understand it it is a constant current driver so the theoretical maximum voltage is higher but in reality it is a 12 volt driver…
If I measure the voltage I get between 8 (lowest current setting) and 10 (highest current setting) volts… But my volt meter can most likely not measure the high frequency output of the driver.
As I have it connected to a 5 meter 72W led strip if I limit the current I get a much less bright light.

So to make a long answer short: no, I dont think so…