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Sunscreen automatic (flows)


I have an sunscreen with an roller shutter 3 .
Now I want it automatically down if the sun is shining temperature is… . and no strong wind
Or it’s going to rain or it is going to blow hard then sunscreen up.

What do you use ?
An weatherstation or apps en how looks your flows for inspiration?

You could try the search function for example. There are many topics with the answers you are looking for.


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Hi I did myslef for sunblinds around the house 15 windows. I wont give you exact flows but a hint to be used. I have temperature and sun sensor. I created two modes(virtal device) sunny and hot. To activate/disactivate modes I used Countdown Timers with condition for reaching specific lux and temp. For Countdowns not to change mode when each cloud comes above house but only if there is sun eg 10min constantly. (Somfy sun sensor I use above 30000lux).After that I have created flows for blinds positions depending on modes status. Moreover I also implemented specific behavior during the day (Azimuth sun position) using SunEvents. Heh quite complex but it took me some time to finetune everything. Goodluck.

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@Daniel_S would be very nice if you be willing to share this to our community. Can be very helpfull to newbees and ‘oldbees’. Ofcourse every situation is different, but with some adjustments another community member could profit. Ofcourse this is totally free of charge😏

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Well at least few screens for hint. It operates shades according to Sun brightness (Sunny over 30000 lux, Cloudy below 30000 lux). If the Sun shines more than 10 minutes constantly than Sunny Mode is triggered and shades are put down.

Create counters in CounterDown app for Sunny (Slunečno) and Cloudy (Zataženo)

Trigger flow when it gets Sunny - the counter will start (eg. 600 sec.). Such delay will avoid trigger Sunny mode when Sun goes out for only short time and starting shades too often.

and contrary Cloudy flow

Create MODE in virtual device … for me called Sunny (Slunečno) and Cloudy (Zataženo)

and finally you link the flow to each mode. When the mode is triggered on than change shades position.

I created many different flows for different Sun positions using Azimuth in SunEvents app. It allows me to have different positions of shades during the day.