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Super disappointed with Homey V2

The big question remains : why is it working for > 99,9% op the people and not for you? There must be some disturbing factor?

As for the complaining on the forum: that’s what forums are for :slight_smile: You won’t see much people claiming they are happy with Homey


If that were the case, then my points would indeed be mute.
Sadly though, tossing out a really high percentage doesn’t really mean jack.
As for your insinuation that my post raises the big question wether or not this is more a case of PEBCAK than a inferior product, who knows :wink: ?

The budget-minded tinkerers and hobbyists I’m sure finds this product a hoot and a half.
Your average Joe, or your professional integrator, not so much. At least not 99.9% :wink:

Like I’ve said, the idea is good, execution needs a fair bit of improvement. IMHO

Throwing out numbers just make donte sense at all, just because nobody knows the real numbers.

Speaking out your frustrations is nothing wrong with, at least the way you doing. Often this sort of topics turn around in shouting and worse between people for who isnt working like it should, and others that defend homey (and Athom) for ever.

Nothing wrong with critics, if only telling athom how great everything is… they got lazzy and for sure the product isnt getting better.

So feel free to speak out we in the position we may and can. There enough places in the world where we cant saddly.

That may be true but that’s not what I wanted to insinuate. Couple of weeks ago @Erik_M_Madsen was really disappointed with Homey as he had bad performance of the app, wifi not working etc etc. Turned out his wifi-channel was clashing with his Zigbee-channel. And before, someone was complaining about Homey being non-responsive which turned out to be a loop he accidentally created (ah well, that could be called PEBCAK). There can be external influences which make your environment unstable…

Absolutely true.
And I’m not at all saying everything is bad with the Homey. Not at all.
I’m sure some of the disappointment out there is hard to blame Athom for.

What I am saying is that it feels much like a Alpha product, perhaps mature to go beta in the coming months.
Ready for prime time? No, not yet.
Like I said, we tinkerers, hobbyist or professional integrators can, if patience and interest dictates so, get quite a bit of fun from it.

But in all seriousness, this product and its environment is not ready to control my house yet, what with alarm systems, door access and what have you.
No way!

Ow, where is that popcorn when you need it most!


I geel the same… lot off stuff that is either not working or apps that are not compatible.

Same here. Its easier to configure then my previous Domoticz setup, but its slower (from Pir detection to light on sometime 2-3 secs) and less reliable (Zigbee Philips/Xiaomi devices that loose their connection), Zwave Apps that suddebly lose important features (Greenwave) and the lack of making simple things easier (like linking a PIR to a Light means making and maintaining multiple flows, compare that to Philips Hue app).

I understand that the number of supported devices that all have their specific features/flaws is not easy to combine, but it should be possible to make configuring Home Automation a lot easier than it is now with Homey.

Same experience here. Support is getting worse, things are getting more buggy, and many “supported” devices actually don’t do anything useful.

There seems to be no quality control for the apps created by the community, resulting in weird apps that don’t actually do anything (such as smart thermostat’s we can make dumb so homey can make them smart again). Configuring and managing things keeps getting harder and harder.

Bought a nanoleaf… -> a week later support by homey disappeared.
Xiaomi sensors are getting worse as well. Very often after switching off they will not switch on anymore, leaving me in a dark place while doing my business.

Same goes for some of the smart led bulbs combined in a Virtual device: Very often when I turn off the lights at home (still have to do this with the app because homey just doesn’t want to play nice with some of the sensors I have installed) one of the bulbs in the group will just turn itself on again and again, and I have to walk over to the light switch as a caveman to turn it off.

Another great example is the generic philips TV remote app: Impossible to set the channel, as the button mappings are completely wrong. I can turn off and on, but simply selecting the hdmi2 channel sends me to the USB folder structure, while the USB channel sends me to live TV.

To be honest, I am currently setting up a RSPI with Domoticz, and homey is going to be degraded to a really expensive paperweight. It’s sad it has to come to the situation where Homey can be replaced by a €35 Rspi with about and some additional hardware.

I can only say that if you are not able to set up your own domoticz device you will probably not be able to get and keep homey running. This is what I think the major issue is. Homey is being sold as the complete solution for all home automation, while people actually need to be quitte highly skilled to keep things running. I’m just very happy I didn’t connect my home security to homey yet :slight_smile:

TLDR: Frustrated user gave up. Will not be using homey anymore.

I am hardy a cheer leader for Homey, you can see my
angry posts on lack of native Google home support.

but the main thing about Homey I notice the community
is really strong. I can post anything from noob to
beginner and I get responses quickly. and no I dont
speak Dutch. This bodes well for Homey actually as I am under the impression only Samsung smartthings has a more active forum

I think the promise that Homey can let people with no
technical skill easily create a super customized HA is

The way I see it the HA market is now divided into 3 levels

  1. Alexa/ Google home - gateway drug. peoole use
    wifi devices to control chromecast ,a light or two, IR devices etc

  2. Point and click home automation - Smartthings,
    Fibaro, Homey sit here - this is where people get sucked
    in and this becomes a hobby , every weekend tweaking
    rules, adding zwave , zigbee devices month by month

  3. Raspberry pi open source - most people never reach
    reach this level. I am considered a techie by many at work but even I doubt I will go here. but from what I understand you want to fulfill the true promise of HA , you need to go here…


I won’t say that homey is on the same level with fibaro, openhab and other fully adaptable platforms. On Fibaro I have the ability to create LUA scripts which are very powerful and far-reaching. Ok, a lot of things I was able to move to Homey very easily, but if I think of the integration of for example the sprinkler system or heating platform, then Homey is far away of a real good solution.

If you set the systems on the same level, I think you never worked with them.

I learned to love homey because of the variety of possibilities and the easy implementation. But after moving to Homey V2, I have to regret couple of my meanings a lot.

A systems without Backup, without a common WWW connectivty (just app focus), a real multi-user design (allowing just specific devices and flows),… is not a sell able solution. Just pushing new features without a real plan when which one will be available and just moving features for years is disappointing for users and makes the whole project at danger.

Same with interactions. Some came from athom directly, but most apps came from independent devs who are working on projects in their spare time. This means, the whole solution is not more than a leisure project by enthusiastics…

Do you have any idea when it will come? My toon keep loosing his connection every day and iT makes me sick to restart toon every day By hand

Hey @Juergen have you checked out honey script, for your scripting needs?


Since my post there have been 2 Toon updates and now it works great. I can change everything, use flows to alter tempratures and programs. Toon app version is now at 2.1.6

I will monitor it for a few days now. But i set it up 2 days ago and yesterday the connection was lost. I can read the power and gas that i used but i can not control temps manuely or in a flow. Keep it posted.

Same thoughts from my end. Since the update to v 2.0 the system is unusable for me. E.g. Philips Hue motion sensor doesn’t detect any movement. I have 6 of them controling lights around the house. For the moment they’re useless. It’s been over a month and Athom support did nothing to get this solved. Another bad example, my Homey failed with some hardware issues. It has just been replaced and there’s no backup feature so I have to add all device and flows from scratch. Adding more, I just wanted to add some Xiaomi sensors and noticed Zigbee doesn’t work at all. After contacting Homey support I was told they are aware of some issues with Zigbee. Some?! It doesn’t work at all now. Next is my heating system - Heatmiser - again dependent on 3rd party app - hot water controller not recognized by Homey properly - it sees it as a thermostat. Disaster. Money wasted. Thinking of buying Smartthings. I lost my patience with Homey. I don’t even read their Behind the magic series. Just well prepared marketing. The reality is a different beast.

re Scripts me thinks you are reaching level 3 already.

in any case my levels are an approximation, Fibaro is way harder to setup than Homey . i

in any case you cant have both"variety of possibilities"
and expect everything to be made by Homey.

I may not have owned Fibaro but every smart home
business I approached warned me that Fibaro was very
slow to build support to devices and hard to setup.

methinks you looking for the impossible

Has been fixed since yesterday?

Widely known to be released :soon:

Did you reboot, did you ptp, did you wait long enough?

So, without it wouldn’t work at all. but Heatmiser is an Athom-app so should work?

If you think there’s something better, you should definitely try that. I’m sure you’ll miss Homey soon enough :wink:

Is this a question or statement? If the latter I can’t even check as the new Homey that arrived yesterday seems to be faulty again. I can’t check Zigbee status and it goes offline from time to time.

Soon? I can hear that every time there’s an issue with apps. And it takes months to be fixed.

I guess over 24 hours waiting is enough. Still unable to check Zigbee status in the app. It just comes back with unknown error.

I tried several times with re-adding Heatmiser thermostats and the one with Hot Water feature always being recognised as a thermostat so you can’t have the option on/off for hot water.

You’re right. I’m just trying SmartThings. I can’t rely on Homey. Just wondering when the support replies when they hear again that the unit is faulty. Two in a row.

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