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Support for Aeotech zigbee (Smartthings) products?


Anyone know when Homey gets support for Aeotech zigbee (Smartthings) products? If you can expect something in the near future or it will take a long time? Know that there is an app via homey community store but I would have liked to connect the sensors directly to Homey.

You can make an app request here.

I thought there’s alr a request done, or isn’t this the same?

Yes it is one of the units.

Do I need to make a similar request for the others or does it fit within this?

If it fits your needs you don’t need to do a similar request imho.
Maybe PMing the requester GaryOz is an idea to merge your requests into one request?
And… waving a bit with dollars may increase the chance for your request to be turned into an app :wink::upside_down_face:

You don’t need to make an app request in the community, because the app (actually only Z-Wave devices are supported) was taken over by Aeotec itself a few months ago. So I don’t think that a community developer is allowed to develope an app.
I guess it’s better to ask Aeotec:

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Thanks for that information.
Has sent a request to Aeotec. Then we’ll see what they answer.

Write their answer here when it comes

Thanks Dirk, didn’t know that yet.