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Support for Danalock V3 Zigbee?

Anyone tried to get danalock V3 zigbee working with Homey?

Is the app supporting Zigbee then???

Let Homey talk with the Z-Wave versions of the Danalock V2 and V3 devices.

I did, and it does not work. Terrible. I bought a Veraplus controller. Not working with Danalock V3 zigbee, so I resend it. Now I have Homey V2 . The lock isn’t recognized by Homey.
I think we have to wait

You can wait very long, if you dont make a request to athom for supporting the zigbee version

Sorry I am new here. How do I make a request ?

First then welcome to the Homey famely :grinning:

As you mention your new here, i suggest to read the welcome post… wich you can find Here

There is some info how thinks work on the forum ect. Also you can find the needed link to do the request.

Enjoy your homey

Did anyone post a request? Zigbee version should be quite common

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Dont know, i would suggest the make a request yourself also….

Just think about it, when there only would be one request for a certain device, would they think damm we need to give support for it? Or they would think that when there are a lot of request for a specific device.

More is better in this case.