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Support for ONVIF compatible cameras (1.1.18)

Ricardo, unfortunately I did not succeed. I hoped this would work with Adrian’s App. the problem is that this camera is sold as Onfiv but no Onfiv App supports this camera. I’m still hoping for a solution, so if you can, let me know.

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Hum, ok thank you for your answer you saved me 40€.
I would like to use this kind of device “peephole camera” with homey but unfortunately I can’t seem to find one that works with it.

There’s is also the option to add virtual camera trough Homey itself.

But i believe this camera also doesn’t have this option.
(I know this is a bit off topic, sorry for mentioning this)

If i found a way around in the meantime i’ll let you know.

Thank you once again.

no, this is not off topic but a sneaky way to ask Adrian to add support for this camera. I am happy to send my camera to him to investigate. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have published a test version that adds the option to include a camera manually by specifying the IP address and ONVIF service port number.
When you go through the process of adding a camera, I have added a new entry to the end of the list for ‘Add Manually’. Tap on this entry and select Next. The Add Camera Manually screen will appear where you can enter all the details and then tap on Login. If the details are OK, the camera will be added.

Note: The camera still needs to support the ONVIF protocol.

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Thanks. I will try shortly

All is gooood thanks !

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Thank you! It was possible to add my reolink manually. :slight_smile:

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After the latest update, my hikvision cameras stopped working.
They are connected, and I can see “now”. But motion detected is not working anymore. I sent u the log

Thank you for the option to manual add a camera!

It works fine to add cameras on different network segment. I use cheap chinese network cameras, Qihan QH-NW551DO-P and Qihan QH-NW556DO-P.

Earlier I had to put Homey on the same network, add the netcam:s and then move Homey to it´s own network segmet.

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Hi, I have a DAHUA IMOU CUE 2 IPC-C22E camera, I can’t add it to the application at all. What am I doing wrong? The last image is from the camera application

Is the port number 37777 the one detected by the app or did you enter that manually?

After a bit of searching on the web it seems the ONVIF support is very limited and may only be available on certain firmware versions.
I think you will need to contact the manufacturer to find out if an update is available.

I received an unsatisfactory answer from support :frowning:This device can support as long as you add it on the IMou app. Then log in with the ONVIF client. The account is admin. The password is the one that you set when you added it on the Imou app. If you want to add to a third-party security system (such as AJXA Google Home), because we cannot control other people’s systems, you need to contact the corresponding technical support team to solve the problem
In Imou app I only see the IP settings and password. Port 37777 cannot be changed. In the Homey ONVIF application, I finally added the camera, but only the Tamper alarm works. Snapshot or motion monitoring on / off does not work. Probably the wrong camera (for the third time…)