Support for wifi controlled heaters/radiators (adax, mills etc)?


I am buying wifi enabled electric heaters from Adax (Norway). These can be managed via ADAX own app and web-portal.

WIll it be possible to integrate these into Homey in near future? (Have searched the forum and internet without success).

There are other brands (Mills, Delonghi, Fischer, Siemens etc.) which electric raditors are increasingly able to be controlled via Wifi, for use in smart homes, in order to save energy when not in use.
Thus it is a growing market seamingly.


then you didnt search good enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, but there is topic for app requests.


There is app for Mill! It’s in beta but works pretty well!


Yes for the Mills a new app has appeared, but not for the Adax heaters unfortunately.
So far I have gathered the following (more or less useful) info about the Adax back-end: It uses TLS 1.2 with either TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA256 or TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA to communicate with the heater and app, respectively. Packets are sent using HTTP over TLS. During communication, one out of two certificates are used Baltimore CyberTrust Root (SHA256 with RSA)
Microsoft IT SSL SHA2 (SHA256 with RSA)
* (SHA256 with RSA).
In addition to communication to a back-end, the heater and app also communicate
directly with each other. This communication is encrypted but appears to
be using a symmetrical cipher with a shared secret as there are no TLS handshake
or plaintext communication. The LAN-chip is probably either an ESP8266 (most likely) or ESP32 (less likely).
brg Simen


Hi @RoyWissenburg Apologies, but I am new at this.
Thank you for referring me to the thread for app requests. Will open a post there for Wifi heaters.

Even though I may not have expressed it clearly, I was looking for other potential heaters, already supported.
Later in this post I can see that Mills radiators may be supported in a Beta app.



@Simen_Ringstad: Thanks for letting me know of the Mills radiators (even though suppport may be in beta). I will reconsider Mills heaters, instead of ADAX. :slight_smile: