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Supported aroma diffusers?

Hi all,

I am looking for an aroma difuser that works with Homey.
I know there is a Rituals Genie, but I would not like to be limited to Rituals fillings.

If it is bound via Google Home or something like that: fine too.
Or could a Xiaomi diffuser be bound to Homey in any way?


I have this one.

It works with the Tuya cloud app.
On tuya you can make different scene’s via the smart life app on your phone.

Thx, but doesis work with homey too?
When bluetooth, how does it connect to the cloud then?

Maybe this one. Haven’t checked for sdk 1-3

Thru the tuya app it works flawlessly with homey.

Thx @Anton_Hooghiemstra, will look into a Tuya diffuser!
Thx @Marcel_Ubels too. It’s just that I want to determine myself what to use in a diffuser. The Moodo uses special capsules too, like the Rituals Genie does too…

Drilling a hole in the moodo capsul, and fill it with something (same type of stuff) from any brand. Works perfect

Hello,what tuya app are you using with homey?I have 3 different brand of diffuser who works with tuya but none are discovered in homey tuya app…

Ah, thx @RoyWissenburg!

Does anyone know if it is also possible (with some hacking) to fill the Rituals Genie with other stuff?


I use the tuya cloud app.
Thru this app you can login in the smart life enviroment.
And this enviroment i control with the smart life app on my android phone.

Did you found a aroma diffuser other than Rituals for Homey?

No, unfortunately not and still looking for one.
Anyone else found something evt?

Yesterday I recieved the moodo. This works super, nice app and aroma.


Hi! I guess this one works well with homey! I got one and its great!