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Sure Petcare App - (Sureflap Pet Door/Sureflap Cat Flap)

Can you send a report to the developer for that? Do you set an ‘profile image’ in de sureflap profile?

Yes, do have a profile image of my cat.

Looking forward to future updates and new functions, this is a very good start, donation coming! Have a nice weekend!

Would be great to have trigger card when cat enters or leaves. Currently functionality on changing mode from lock to open works great. Looking forward to more functions.
Functionality below would be superb:

Trigger cards for pet and different pet enters to start flows.
(Example: IF Cat 1 Enters Then)
Presence card for pet and different pet in or out to use in flows.
Example: If Time is between 1am and 5am AND Cat 1 is inside Then)
Actions to set flap to closed or open within a flow.
(Example: If Time is 1am THEN Set Cat Flap to Closed)

Great work so far, thanks


Thanks for you reaction! Nice suggestrions.

There are some flowcards available in last version

Lock mode has changed

Lock mode (is|is not) {action}

Set lock mode to: {action}

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Just spotted them, assumed they would be under the device, but they are under the App. Good stuff.

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Nice :slight_smile:

Do i need to buy the Sureflap Connect Microchip Luik and Hub to get this working?

You can use the ‘Sureflap Petdoor connect’ or the ‘Sureflap Catflap connect’ with the Surecare hub. (Make sure you have a ‘connect’ product.)

The app is limited to controlling the lockstate for now.

Problems with the flow cards, when setting «keep outside», card shows «keep inside», and no way to uncheck it!

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Thanks for your bugreport, i’ll look into that.

This issue is resolved in version 1.0.5!

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It is really genious som far, used to have problems when windspeed exceeded 20 km/h, the flap would not close because of the strong wind, now I can lock both ways if wind exceeds a certain threshold, very practical since cold and fresh wind dosen’t enter my home anymore, and keeps the heating budget intact!

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Nice app look out to al the new things.
What i wout like is an optie to program the open en close times the way some smart thermostats have.

Do you have an example of that smart thermostat? What brand is it? I do not use the curfew function myself so i’ll focus on other features that i use.

I’ve added an feature request for it anyhow.

@Koktail i use a netatmo thermostat i don’t know if there is a app in Homey ho kan do what i want i never looks at it. However the app i can program every day of the week the different times the heating go’s on and to which temperature.
i would like the program the flap for every day with time i may be open en closed and then at least 2 times a day. What i mean on monday until vrijday open at 05:30 close at 07:00 and then open again at 18:30 and close at 02:00 but on wensday i work at home then it may open from 05:30 until 02:00 and in the weekend also if i am at home.
In the original sure flap app i can set several times but i can’t choose the day so i must do that in the manual every time it changes.

Thanks for your explination. The sure petdoor and catflap has an ‘curfuw’ mode. With this mode it is possible to lock/unlock the door/flap within a timeframe. The ‘curfew’ isn’t editable within the Homey app for now.

Why would you like to build a full scheduler into the app? You can automat it with a flow:

‘If’ someone left ‘and’ nobody is home ‘then’ lock pet door.

Or if you don’t have presents detection working;

‘If’ it is 7:00 ‘then’ lock pet door.
‘If’ it is 5:30 ‘then’ unlock pet door.

That way it doesn’t break if your routine is different when you are sick or have a day off.

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@Koktail thanks for your reply i don’t know why i didn’t think it at that way.

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No problem, homey automation can sometimes be very hard :wink:

i have made some flows using the alarm options (wekker’s)
i created differed alarms for workdays and weekends and used them in the flows.
So i think in this way i can easily manipulate my flows.
i will see if this is working for me.

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I’ve just release version 1.0.6 to test. In this build there is the option to track pets that came troughs the sureflap. Because there are no webhooks into the API it is polling the state and check against it current state.