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Sure Petcare App - (Sureflap Pet Door/Sureflap Cat Flap)

Wel if you would do some reading before asking, you would know the answer.

Its cleary mention in the first post :wink:

It does, thanks. Very cool project, lets see how it works in my home :wink:

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The versions that I am running is:

  • Homey 4.2.0
  • Sure Petcare app v1.0.14

On the Sure percare app when i go to configure I still have the turning circle.

But in a flow it is working an closing and opening the lock.

I can login to the https://www.surepetcare.io/ app without any problems

That an old version. I think that issue is already resolved. Please try to update to the latest version: 1.0.22.

There was an update last week (maybe 2 weeks ago). Works fine here…
Dog and cat coming through the pet door -> GTTS over nest mini let’s us know when the pets are coming and going… Cool app (kudo’s to the dev)

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And Heimdall goes from armed to partial armed when cat enters…

I cant login. Keep getting “cant read property of location (null)”.


// Peter

It goes wrong when the app tries to get the user image. I’ve add a bugfix for that on 1.0.23 (test). Can you try that one?


Sorry, but similar error regarding another variable. HasOwnProperty.


My bad. I didn’t test it properly. I’ve added a bugfix for the bugfix in 1.0.24.

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Thanks @Koktail!

It works as a charm now! :smiley:

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Possible to add an «and» card?

«A specific cat is home»
«A cat is home»


«Then» card can ex set Heimdall from armed to partial armed

That can be added. I do however not have the time to do so. I’ll add your suggestion to the issue board.


The app suddenly stopped working and I get

„request failed with status code 401“

in config tab. Restart didn‘t help.

Using v1.0.24 on homey v5.0.0

Someone else having this issue and/or a solution for that?

I’ve seen that behaviour before on v5 (sdk3). I’m currently investigating the issue.

I’ve just release version 2.0.1 to test. In this build i’ve resolved the issue that the login didn’t work.
Can you test if it works?

I’ve just release version 2.0.2 to test.

v2.0.2 - 21.02.2021

  • add trigger card: Bowl has been refilled

looks good! thanks for the fast update

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