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Sure Petcare App - (Sureflap Pet Door/Sureflap Cat Flap)

No wifi is used in this setup(except for homey which does never show any problems with wifi).

Today I opened up the housing and cleaned it. It was pretty dirty inside (the wind pushes rain and mud up to the flap), hopefully this fixes things. It looks like the blocking pins worked easier after this.

Your flap hub, thats wifi

Just. received my new Felaqua last week.

Any plans to include support for that one?

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Cool! I didn’t know they made a smart drinking bowl. Thanks for sharing it with us. What can you say about the product? Are your cats happy with it?

Once I have the opportunity to purchase the felaqua connect I’ll order one and add it to the app!


Its brand new from them, receive a promotion email 2 weeks ago, and tried to find one locally in a Swedish store, but none of them had even hear about it at that time, so I ended up ordering of the Sure website.
I replaced a fountain that the cat actually seems to like, but that I. find to need to much maintenance in order to replace the water and filters all. the time…
With the Felaqua it is easy to replace/refill the water tank, as you just lift it off base, which I find to be a great solution compared to all the fountains we have been through over the years!

Here is some screenshots of the info you will get. If you have the feeder (which I do not), I assume its rather similar.

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Oh, and Yes, the cat seem to like it as well, even though he has always been served running water from the fountain.
Kind of hard to know for sure, as we did not really keep track on how much he used to drink before.

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Looks really promising! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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When installing i see my 2 catflaps, but i can only select 1of both to install, the other one can not be installed…

That is strange. I’ll have a look if I can find something that points to your issue when i’ve time for it.

Found a workaround, added the second flap on a different login in the app.

I do not understand how you fixed it. But it is stil a bug is it?

Yes, can i descibe it in Dutch ?

Send me a PM with how you solve it. You can send it to me in Dutch.

I instructed the catflap to keep my cat inside after 18:30 and open again at 7:30 in the morning in its native app.

I created a flow that should fire when the lock status of my catflap changes. It seems it ignores the above rule, is that correct?

The final idea is to have a single button on the dashboard on the wall that I can use to lock the catflap with and shows the status of the catflap (as in: “locked” - keep the cat inside and “unlocked” - the cat can leave the house). The first flow:

This should trigger:

(and something similar for “slot uit”)
The “Kattenluik - Home” card is a virtual switch that shows on the dashboard. The flows trigger when switching modes manually, but not when switching automatically (controlled from the hub).

I found the bug and made a new release for test:

v2.0.3 - 13.05.2021

  • ceil the value to prevent triggering 0.01 grams change
  • improve authentication handling
  • add new logo for login screen
  • remove known devices from the list
  • allow selecting multiple in pairing process

Some 'and" cards missing:

Like: WHEN heimdall is armed

AND a specific cat is home

THEN partial arm

I have a curfew set in the original app. What I would like to do is, when it rains to lock the door and when it stops raining unlock the door. So like this the cat can come inside when it’s raining but not go back outside until it stops.

Does anyone have any experience with a flow like this?

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And the other way around when it stops raining.



I got an issue if sometimes the pet flap is not able to identify the leaving pet. The message on surepet app then is: An animal left through [name of device].
Reproducible by opening flap manually.

The trigger „A pet goes away“ seems not to be triggered then. Shouldn‘t it also be triggered then? Because we do have 1 pet I would like to trigger same flows as for the specific pet leaving event in this unidentified case. Or how to handle that?

Also is there a trigger possibility for the event: An animal looked through [name of device]?
Reproducible by pushing against flap from outside.


  1. That can only be implemented as a specific trigger card.
  2. Think it should be possible to make a specific trigger card for that.

I don’t have the time right now to look into your request however.