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Sure Petcare App - (Sureflap Pet Door/Sureflap Cat Flap)


Do you need the hub also if you only have the Sureflap Petdoor connect luik? Or does it also work without the hub?

Hi everyone,
Been using this app for a while to lock and open the flap at sunset and sunrise for safety.

Sadly, one of our cats has decided that they don’t like going to the toilet inside and are protesting so would like to release the curfew just for that cat - does anyone know if that is possible?

I see from the official app that you can only set curfew across the flap as a whole BUT that you can set pets as indoor only pets

I was wondering if there is a possibility to set the overall pet curfew mode via the Homey App (or API), so that, to achieve what I need, I could set two of my cats as indoor only overnight, and then the other cat allow out, reverting the other two?


Goodmorning, since a few days there is something going wrong with the cats going from inside to outside and visa vers in the app. Tried to reboot homey and the app but no effect. I have made an flow which change a variabele for every cat if it’s in or outside. This one is triggered by the Sure Petcare app but does not work anymore. Can anyone help with this problem?

The app does not trigger pet flap events anymore.
On my envirement it stopped right after homey firmware update to 7.1.3.
Restarts did not help.
Somebody else having the same issues?
Running v2.0.3


Strange, curious what the cause of the problem is. I’ll try to look asap into the problem. I’m currently on a roadtrip thought Europe. Someone that can send a log?

I think sureflap changed they’re API and make it more strict to prevent polling the API. I’ll examining it to verify my theory. If it is the case the app wil not function anymore, or sureflap should be open for cooperation.

Sure Petcare is mostly very helpfull, so I hope they will help. I am relying on the app for not closing the roller shutters and closing the cats outside or opening them in case of a fire :).

Still working…

Hoped it was the homey upgrade not the API. Was the same timing a coincidence?

I have not recieved push notification when my cat enters or leave. Had Homey send push.
Been like this for 9-10 days.

I tried yesterday to set the sureflap native app to send push when my cat enters or leave. But no push from this native app.
Native app was upgraded a week, or maybe more, back. Could be this is a sureflap problem and not a problem with koktails Homey-app.

I found the bug and made a new release for test. On Homey v1.7.3 the function getId is overwritten by the superclass.

v2.0.4 - 13.09.2021

  • bugfix in Homey core. In 1.7.3 the function getId is now protected

Just installed v2.0.4 test.
I get push notifications from Homey. :smiley: Thanks for a quick reply and fix.

But I do not get push from native app.
Have contacted Sure petcare about this. Could it be a set of simultaneous problems here?

Thanks for quick fix :+1:

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