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Swedish Weather Forecast


Swedish Weather Forecast

This app adds support for Swedish Weather Data.

(Some weather forecast data also cover Norway, Finland and Denmark)

Included devices/features:

  • 0-36 hours of Weather Forecast based on Homey geolocation.
  • 0-3 days of Pollen Level Forecast based on choosen Swedish city.

Weather Forecast Data from SMHI - in English

Settings: Select a point in time for forecasts (hours ahead).

Pollen Level Data - in Swedish only

Settings: Select a city from the list to have 3 day Pollen Level forecast for that area.


Known issues:

  • When adding more than one Weather device a restart of the app or Homey itself renders all Weather devices to use the same source of data until settings are manually updated.

Placeholder for future updates.


Maybe I suck at reading, but from where does the app take its data?

Edit: I noticed a headline in the app saying SMHI so I guess that’s the place. Anyway, might be a thing to add into the description? :slight_smile:


Thx @Camelen for your feedback, added info about SMHI in the information above. :+1: