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SwitchBot app (version 0.3.1 live, 0.3.1 test)

I got this from SwitchBot a few minutes ago:

Hi there,

Since the open API is not for every common user, so we would like to call it a beta version. Currently, it is not available.

Just check this information with our dev team. According to them, the open API for the Hub Mini will be released this summer. But the actual day will depend.

Your request has been forwarded to our dev team, which will speed up the process of them releasing it.

We are very sorry that you cannot be doing the open API as you wish right away, but we will try to make it quick.

SwitchBot Team

Is the Switchbot Api disturbed at the moment? I get an error message on every device. Another token does not bring any improvement.

The API I am currently using it their web interface.
This has the limit I mention in the first post of 1000 accesses per day. Each status update of each device as well as commands take one access. Once you have used all the accesses in a day then you will get that error message.
To avoid the problem you will need to increase the Polling Interval on the configuration screen so the devices are not updated so frequently.
I will try to add a check in the next version to make sure the polling interval is not too short to last the day, given the number of devices connected.

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Which infrared devices do you have?
Rather than me trying to add all of them in one go, I can add the ones that users have first.

I am currently using a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner and a Technisat Internet radio. Thank you and greetings from Germany.

Many thanks for the great app. Will this also work for the switchbot button pusher (without hub)?

Sorry, I should have read the app description first. It looks like it is supported!

OK, I will see what I can do.

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Yes, you can use the BLE connection. However the BLE is not good a reading the state so the GUI might not reflect the actual position. The send function should be fine provided Homey is within range of the Bot.

Seems like the perfect solution for me, as I want to switch my ventilation system to the highest setting when the shower turns on. I can measure the humidity in the bathroom (with aqara) and then switch on the ventilation on the original button. It is nearly impossible to switch the Duco ventilation in another way.

How far away will Homey be from the Bot and how many / what kind of walls are in between?
BLE range is not far on Homey so could be a bit random.

How can i add my hub. When i try to add it. I get an error invalid token. Can you help?


I have added instructions to the first entry in this topic.

The switch for the Duco is wireless with quite good range (I think it’s RF 433 or 866), so I can place the combination anywhere, also next to the Homey :slight_smile:

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Thnx for the fast reply. It is working fine now. Is it also possible to connect it with bluetooth from homey without the hub?

Kind regards, Martijn

The app supports the curtains, switch bot, and (in theory) the temperature and humidity via BLE. There are separate drivers for each of these.
However, Homey’s BLE implementation does not keep duplicate devices in it’s scan, so the new data is just discarded and the old data is returned. Therefore, the displayed status of BLE devices will probably not be refreshed very often, if ever. I am hoping Athom can fix that problem but we shall have to wait and see.

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for developing this app! I have 2 curtains.
I can control the curtains, but i can’t invert open and close.
When I switch the Invert Open/Close position nothing happens.

If you are using the HUB version of the curtains device then you can update to the /test version as that problem is fixed in that.

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Thank you for you’re quick reply.
The test version solved the problem :+1:

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Hi! De app heeft een tijdje goed gewerkt, echter sinds vandaag heb ik geen verbinding meer. Hoe kan ik dit oplossen? Thanks!!! Dankjewel

Die fout betekent dat u alle 1000 toegangen tot de server hebt gebruikt.
De fout verdwijnt om 0:00 uur.
Om te voorkomen dat het opnieuw gebeurt, moet u het pollinginterval op de configuratiepagina van de app verhogen.
SwitchBot heeft beloofd dat ze een lokale API zullen bieden die deze limiet niet heeft en ik zal deze aan de app toevoegen zodra ze dat doen.

That error means you have used all 1000 accesses to the server.
The error will clear at 0:00 hours.
To prevent it from happening again you need increase the Polling Interval in the app Configuration page.
SwitchBot have promised they will provide a local API that does not have this limit and I will add it to the app as soon as they do.