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SwitchBot app (version 0.3.1 live, 0.3.1 test)

If the device is working with the SwitchBot phone app then it should be OK.
I have had one other user that couldn’t include a curtain and it was solved by updating the motor firmware.
If you look in the SwitchBot app, tap on the device that is not working in Homey, then tap on more, then tap on the cog in top right corner of the screen and then tap on Firmware and battery. It should show the firmware version. I have version 2.9 on my curtains.

Okay thanks. Yes it does work okay from the SB app…
following your instructions I have found Firmware Version V3.1…

That should be OK. I am pretty sure the other user had a version 1.x firmware and it was updated to 3.1, which solved his problem.
Maybe try setting the log option to ‘Detailed Information’ and then try adding the device again. Then send the logs to me again.

Okay will do…Just to be sure one question before I do this: you have to place the device in the pairing mode before you install it, right? That is the right way to add the device to the Homey as well?

That’s not required for the curtain motors. The app should discover them by using there public advertisement data.

I Have excellent news! I thought before I try one more time and thereafter send you the detailed report, I will reboot Homey. Guess what: then it added it immediately…I should have probably done this when I refreshed to the new Experimental Homey SB app which you created! Anyhow now it is visible in Homey and I can also open and close my curtains from there! I am happy :slight_smile: :grinning:

Do you still want me to send you the detailed logs so you can analyse it? Or not necessary?

and one last question: What would be the benefit of having a SB hub? It that going to help me in any way? Or when I only have SB curtains I don’t really need it?

Thanks so much for all your support, it is really appreciated!

That is good news.
No need to send the logs. Hopefully Homey v6 should solve some of those issues. I have been using it for a while now and the response and reliability of the BLE is much, much better.

The hub is useful if the devices are out of range of your Homey. You can place a hub close to the device and it connects to the SB server via WiFi. Homey then communicates to the hub via the SB server as well. Hopefully, SB will come up with a local API for the hub at some point and then it will be a big improvement.

Okay cool I will keep looking for information on that and following this post as well. Cause then we can invest in a hub at some point. Right now we can automate the curtains in the MB and it works as is.
Thanks so much for your help, it is much appreciated and to show our appreciations we have just donated to your account. Keep on developing, cause we depend on it :slight_smile: :grinning: Have a good day!

Thank you so much, that is really appreciated.

@Adrian_Rockall, just wanted to let you know that I managed to connect more than one hub mini to the account :+1:

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Homey v6.0 has just be released…

So update your Homey and hopefully BLE wil be working a lot better…

HI All!
Sorry for maybe going a little off topic, hope it is OK…

I see quite a few of you here has the Switchbot Curtain.
I’m considering buying this to go with my U-rail mounted curtains, and would love to hear your experience.
Does it actually work?
Is it loud/inconveniently loud?

I have “thick”/heavy curtains of 2*2,25 meter in size.
Should I go for the SwitchBot or not?

My curtains are quite small (2 * 1,5 m) and lightweight. I also have a wide Gardinia T rail so plenty of surface for the roller to grip. The noise is not too bad, noisier than my Somfy curtains but quieter than my Somfy roller blinds.

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Sorry but Im noob at this.
I have bought the Switchbot curtains and are as of now using it trough their own app. I bought the Switchbot hub as I heard I needed that to get it to comunicate with Homey. I guess thats not needed anymore with this app? If so that`s great work Adrian!

But I the switchbot app I have now grouped the curatinsbot and calibrated them.
I have now downloaded your app to homey but I have now idea if my curtains are BLE or HUB, how do I find out this? there is no instructions on how to connect them when I click on either BLE or HUB.

Sorry if all this info is here somewhere but I need everything with a teaspoon… :man_facepalming:

The SwitchBot curtains are all BLE so you can either connected to them directly via BLE (if homey’s signal can reach) or you can connect via the hub and the internet. The instruction for connecting via the HUB are in the first post.
Adding them to Homey is like any other device, so you select the method you want to use to connect to them (BLE or HUB). If you choose BLE then the app will search for them over BLE and list them in the discovery. If nothing is found then it is possible they are too far away from Homey. BLE only has a short range.
If they are not found then try via the hub. Follow the instructions in the first post to find the API TOKEN and then enter that into the Configure App screen. Make sure you have enabled the Cloud option in the SwitchBot App to allow Homey to connect to the curtains via the hub. After all that, add a new device to Homey and select the hub method. The app will fetch all the available devices from the web and show them in the discovery. If the curtains on not found then move the hub closer to the curtains and try again.

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Hi Joram,
I’ve set this up a few month back (before the app in homey)
I got it connected to IFTTT and works perfect.
Let me know if you got it to work otherwise I’m happy to assist

It is indeed the only way to get a “dumb” ventilation system to be smart.