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SwitchBot app (version 0.3.1 live, 0.3.9 test)

@Adrian_Rockall, Oh perfect. So I might have had concerns for nothing.
Just as for a summary : am I right that…
When I use the curtains with my mini, connected to homey, I can just send the command to open or close and it will respond within seconds?

In that case, I should probably move my switchbot mini. It loses connection sometimes. That might also be the reason it sometimes doesn’t react or reacts slowly.

Im not at home right now, but once I get home, I ll test it immediately!

Thank you very much for your quick response and clear answer!

Btw, one additional question. Would it be hard to support more than one hub (on 2 accounts)? My curtains are quite far away from each other and that would fix the range issue as well


I will look into this. I thought it was possible to add more than one hub to an account and the API just finds the end devices.

Oh, I might have to look into that myself!

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I think you just add another hub using the SwitchBot phone app.

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Hi Adrian and all thanks for the invaluable information in this forum post and ofcourse thanks for the development of the switchbot connection to homey.
We have recently purchased 4 x Switchbot Curtain BLE’s and have set them up in the Switchbot app to calibrate them. So far so good.
Then we managed to connect 3 of them through your app to our homey, but the last one does not want to connect. I have been reading through all the posts in this section and realise that this might have to do with the fact that Homey has “Bad data” from the first connection attempt.
I tried (as I ready somewhere here) to reboot Homey. The Curtain BLE is next to Homey at the moment, but no matter what I try (putting the device in the pairing mode, switching it on from the SB app directly or do nothing on the device), Homey cannot find it.
Anybody has any ideas what else I can try? Thanks in advance for your help.

What app version and Homey version are you using?
If you have the latest test version 0.3.1 can you send me the detected and diagnostics logs using the buttons on the log pages (these are in the Configure Application view)

Thanks for this very fast help :slight_smile:
Okay Homey we have 5.0.4 (Pro) But can you help me find the version of the SB version? I can see the log but not buttons…I have a choice to view 4 different types of info…

Found the version it is V0.2.11 so not the test one…Sorry…How do I change that so I can get you the log?

If there are no send buttons then it is not the latest test version. The version number of the app is on the app information page where you find the Configure App option. it is just below the app icon.

If you don’t want to update to the test version (link is at the top of this page) then you will need to copy the details and send the too me via a pm.

Okay, I am now working out how to send a PM and then I will email it to you separately…Is probably faster than upgrading my software…
I am pretty new to all of this and doing my best to learn something new every day, stay tuned it will be coming soon :slight_smile:

Updating is quite easy and fast. Click on this link SwitchBot | Homey
and the click on install

Edit You might even find it solves the problem :slight_smile:

Okay cool…I am just installing the new version of the app now…copy and pasting text turned out to be a challenge as well, since I am looking on my PC for this messages and control homey from my Ipad…
Let me see what happens when the new version of the app is installed. I will confirm shortly.

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As a tip you can also access the settings on the computer at Homey Developer (athom.com)

Thanks for the tips…they are always welcom…I noticed it works and will add it to my favorites :slight_smile:

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Okay app is downloaded will now try to see if it connects…

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Ok unfortunately it still does not find it. I have the buttons now. You want me to send Detected or log or both?

Can you send both please.

Done. Did you receive? On only the log one I got information that it is sending…

Yes, I have the log. It is just full of ‘no service data’ messages which is probably not a good sign.
The Detected log should be filled once you try add a device.

Okay…any ideas what I can try out? Or you think the device might be broken?