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System Overload? Avarage Load

Tbh I think we are going offtopic a little bit. I don’t have any problems with my Homey (early 2016). I guess this is the everlasting discussion. And there is only one answer which applies; It depends.

With very little apps and flows, but complex ones the load can be high. With very much flows, devices and apps but carefully crafted flows, the load can be low.

I did response here because without changes on my sight after updat V3 my average load suddenly go up and homey behave slower

Understand your response. But sharing information is also having more insight. This is not a rant against 3.0, just a way how we can optimize our systems.

Indeed. It is no complaining but wondering why.
Especially slowing down Homey is boddering me

Had same issue with and 2.x update
Solved this by power cycling the homey
Only a restart did not resolve it needed to unplug the power and then wait for a view seconds
After that it looked like a new homey

Hope this will help some of you as well

I do this on regular base.
In this case it didn’t help