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Tado airco support

Hi, Big newbie here :wave:

As far as I can tell there is no support for the tado airco system, only for the ‘normal’ thermostat + radiator valves.

Is this something that is under development? Otherwise it might be better for me to switch to HA.


Via the tado app. I assume. I don’t have a tado ac unit.
You DO need the bridge though, tado works with internet only
I think thermostat and airco are combined in the app, and tado decides to heat or to cool.
There are flow options though
IF section

THEN section

Does anybody knows when there will be support for Tado Airco?

Probably never, see here:

hmmm, i guess reading a bit further it will give a different answer though:

Unfortunately we do not have a Tado device with AC capability. Is it possible to add a virtual device to our developer account or to send us a real device with AC capability so we can test the updated app?

And in a PR with a lot of changes:

I would recommend not actually merging this pull request to Master since the AC functionality can only be properly tested after we received the AC unit from Tado (has been ordered).

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This is the problem I have. All tado devices can be reached except the airco units which have an error 403.

I might do a workaround with a flow that ends with apple home kit, but I rather have it working directly.

And how did you do the workaround with Apple HomeKit?

Didn’t do it yet