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Tag Basics for the absolute beginner


Homey uses “Tags” to save information / data that you can reuse in your flows.

A tag is a variable and can be one of the following types: String, Number, Boolean or Image.

A variable is a placeholder for a value that can be changed while the flow is running. By using variables the information that is retrieved from a device or calculated in a flow can, in the form of Tags, be used elsewhere in the same flow or in another flow.

Some variables are set by devices or functions, such as e.g. temperature in a thermometer or time in the clock function. And other variables you are able to define and edit yourself, such as the value of a countdown or a calculated mean of several temperatures.

Variables of different types may contain different information:

  • String contains characters. Numbers in a String are handled as text and not as numbers.
  • Number contains numbers. This type can be used to calculate, set, save and retrieve values.
  • Boolean can be Yes or No. Boolean is usually used to check a status, e.g. on / off or true / false.
  • Image contains an image, eg a snapshot or an album cover.

Looking at the flow cards you will notice that some cards have a small “tag” icon, clicking on that icon will bring forward a list of available tags. Based on what information the card can handle you will only see tags/variables of matching kind.

Browsing through the tag list you will see that there are many different tags and based on what devices and apps you have installed the list can become quite large. Make use of the search function.

Have fun with your tags!