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Tasmota MQTT application

@robertklep What I am trying to do is to add an option for each device which will allow changing icon dynamically (use one of the predefined icons and maybe add one or couple custom icons) after the device is added. There is no API function for this but checking Shelly application code I found a solution. If you create a copy of the icon with a unique name per device then if you replace the icon (icon file on storage) after application restart homey app will pick up a new icon. The problem here that I am using the default homey API way to add multiple devices and that is mean that I need to set icon when creating a list so I need to create copies of icons for all tasmota devices on the MQTT server even if you want to use only one device. So I need to find a mechanism to remove the extra icons after selected devices are added or use my own code to add devices. I don’t like both ways but I don’t see other options. And I am not good at everything related to web development. I know core JS but not more. So any of these approaches will require a lot of time. So that is why I am planning to work on this in one of the next versions.

Ah yes, that’s what my app is doing. If you only use the standard pairing templates, it’s not that easy :frowning:

Good idea and I can wait but in the meantime my suggestion is, that the formerly neutral Tasmota icon matched much better than a wrong plug icon for a device which isn’t a plug :wink:

Is Sonoff rf bridge (tasmota) planed to be supported by this app?
Thank you

Sorry, I have device itself but I don’t have plans to add it. You are the first one who asks about it. I thought nobody uses it

Ok, it would be cool if it could be implemented, but if I’m the only one interested doesn’t worth the effort.
Thank you anyway :wink:

The Sonoff app has support for the RF Bridge running Tasmota (however, since I stopped developing the app, it may not work with recent versions of Tasmota, I think it should at least work with v6 or v7).

Ok, thank you! I’ll give it a try.

I’m also interested in getting connectivity with the SonOff RF bridge. It’s quite a popular unit. There are many cheap and useful 433Mhz devices out there, especially motion sensors. They have far better battery life than ZigBee sensors. Can last for years without changing the batteries. As the SonOff app looks to be done and dusted it would be great if this APP could handle the RFbridge. If enough Tasmota devices were supported by this App I could then completely delete the SonOff App from my system as its now just mostly wasting CPU and memory resources… That app is basically dead and doesn’t seem to have any future. I think the Homey community would be better off just using your App for Tasmota… Perhaps Robert could pass his code onto you ? If you think about it there isn’t much point having two Tasmota Apps that half work when its possible to have one good App if all the resources from them were pooled and combined together…


Hi, Pavlo. Your work is a great work! Really well done: I’m very grateful to you for the time you spent for the community.
Till now I’m using with great satisfaction with your app. And, as others, me too I’m very interested in the temperature sensor readings functionality.
When you can… would be simply wonderful!

Could you @robertklep? And this if @pavlo is willing to work with it on his app of course.
Would be awesome!

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The code of my app is public: https://github.com/robertklep/name.klep.sonoff/
And since it’s based off Tasmota, there’s plenty of documentation available as well.

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Ups, didn’t know about it :grimacing:
Thank you Robert!

Hi everybody,

Sorry for the big delay with the new version of the application. Last month was just really rough, it was difficult to find time even to answer your posts here. Hope I will have a couple of hours this weekend to work on sensors support.
About RF bridge it doesn’t look difficult to implement. The problem is that in the current version of the application everything is built around switch. And RF bridge doesn’t have one. I don’t say there is no way to implement it but I need to change my code significantly. If you want it I will implement support for it. But don’t expect it soon. Unfortunately, I can’t use @robertklep’s code, it is too different. It is easier to reimplement than to adopt. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t borrow ideas from there :slight_smile:


That would be good.
I’m sure more homey users will use rf bridge with this app once they get to know there is support for it in here.

No rush, take your time.