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Telldus Z-wave mini socket TZWP-102 problem



Hello everyone
I’m a little new to Z-wave and I got stuck when trying to setup two separate sockets of the same model.
–Telldus Z-wave mini socket TZWP-102–
…and yes, I did try them one at a time…
It seems like I can pair them (I have two of the same kind) but I can not see them in “my devices” and I need to erase them to be able to pair them again, done this tons of times but it really don’t solve the problem that I can’t use them since they don’t show after pairing. What am I doing wrong?


Hm, I reinstalled all apps and now it works all the way…



Yesterday i bought the Telldus plug-in switch mini and simply can´t get it to work… I have done the following:

1.Downloaded Telldus app
2. Added plug-in switch mini
3. It finds the device and tries to add it but always fails on “Retreiving command class versions”

After that i can´t add it again since it´s already paired but doesn´t show as added device…
Then i tried again by removing the pair and that work but when I try to add it again the same thing happen.

I have tried rebooting the homey, reinstalled telldus app etc but nothing works!

You wrote you reinstalled app, did you do something else? Did you have to reinstall ALL apps?