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Terrible👿 customer service Athom/Homey

Past year my homey stopped working. The adapter was broken. After switching to another adapter I couldn’t access my flows(ofcourse flows running didn’t run anymore).

After i got a RMA form i send Honey towards Athom. I tried to contact Athom 7 times by email. Never ever got an answer.

After some ‘third’ help I got Homey back(2 ½ week later).

Homey had a new adapter and new software. But still flows are not accessible or work. Same problem as past year.

The only way to get in contact is by email. But after 7 attempts i have given up. No working Homey.

Anyone has the same or a better experience?

Do you even contact the support here:

No times I waited more then one day for an answer! But you have to send a diagnostic report to send the support question.

Ofcourse I did all that, including diagnostic report, Homey support, Slack support, direct connect through Slack with a Athom employee, etc etc etc

That’s really bad news… How I said… I had never a problem to contact them and get an quick answer.

Strange, i also got a good service. Device replacement (I bought a new Homey with one led of the led-ring not working properly) and I get answers quite fast when I email them…

I feel this is the downside of start-ups like Athom. You can’t simply call them and explain the situation. You can only keep on trying to email them… I hope Athom helps you like they should…

I sent my broken Homey Pro one month ago and I had 0 reply’s.

It used the be decent. But now it’s “dead”. Not a single email that my Homey is received. Nothing

This is very worrying

Yes, indeed homey support is not available for few weeks now. Possibly they are fully assigned to the development. Whatever it is I find it dangerous as support is really the face of the company toward customers. Neglecting this part of the business is realy to be worried about.

Also have no response on support ticket raised after two weeks. Followed the proper procedure and included the diagnostic report. Yes started to worry now.

I had a RMA - and then the replacement honey which was sent had no legs and was the wrong ZWave frequency for my region. So I can’t use it.

Over three weeks not a single reponce.

Not sure what’s happened or if it’s a sign of a bigger issue at Athom or not but it’s not good.

Think they all are in Vegas at CES